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    Happy Birthday Marian the LiquidFairy!

    Happy Birthday sweets :) Let's make it another great year! With lots of lampshade-wearing goodtimes :p Fuck the personal training...lets go get fat together! Thank-you for being my best friend. Love you lots, Olga
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    Is there anyone in Kingston or surrounding area going to OM?

    Hello :) I'm actually looking for a ride for my friend Nate that lives there. He doesn't know of a bus that's going out there...anyone? Last year was out first OM and I really want him to come! I never get to see him b/c he lives so far away. Any useful information would be very much...
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    So who's comming to the Erotic Ball on March 12th in London?!

    Since it's closer to the actual date, I thought I'd start a proper roll colls thread. So who's cumming to hear some good music and see some hot girls?!
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    my conversation with a nazi

    I don't have my first message but it was something like 'Hey, why can't I download off you?' [klangforscher] read my info [blueker] hmmm, I thought I had but I see now. I don't keep much on my comp. 'cuz it's old. Do you see anything you want? If not I have a couple of Magda sets...
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    Fella!(tech-house) @ Vip on Fri. Oct. 10th in London...

    Get ready for more amazing uber fridays coming your way... OCTUBER 10th, 2003 1 - 3 - FELLA !!!! (BLUESKY) - electro-infused house/techno after recently touring down in phoenix and california, fella finally comes back to london. His classic tunes, wikked energy and amazing vibe he...
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    Wow...I just got a warning at work ... cleavege

    Wow...I just got a warning at work b/c the amount of cleavege I'm showing is not cons This is ridiculous, you cannot regulate the amount of cleavege someone chooses to show. Spagetti straps, halters (or logos on T-shirts) are different...I'm wearing a sweater to hide that part of my dress...
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    I feel whole again!

    I passed my G test today. I finally got my license back! I'd been driving around without one :eek: Now I can drive myself home after work without relying on others...YAY!
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    Olga you better call me!!!

    I'm serious.......or you can walk home :mad: Tanja
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    L.I.M.E (london, May 10th)

    The junle room was definately on point, all night. Cure and Ytee had me jumping around like a maniac. I enjoyed Everfreshs' set for the first time in a long time... Everybody in the main room seemed to be having a good time, but not that many were really dancing. The overly big space was sort...
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    Want Paul Van Dyke tickets?

    I have 3 tickets for PVD @ Viva on April 20th........I can't make the show due to a family fuction. I paid $40 each so thats how much I want for them and I would like to get rid of them all at once. If interested PM me or email me @ tanjay_79@hotmail.com Thanks.........Tanja ;)
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    holiday greens

    This guys at work (Loblaws) that I hadn't seen for a while, discretely handed me a dime baggie of weed yesterday :D (while wearing a santa hat of course). I only work there a couple of shifts a month now. It was so sweet, and just made my day! Just a few minutes before that I was thinking it'd...
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    criminal checks at work

    We're just nearing the end of our second week of training at Stream. First one guy was switched from Verisign to another program b/c of speeding tickets! Then yesterday, another guy was asked to leave (I don't know exactly why). And today the gay couple that I was really close with got kicked...
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    Endo's Unsorted Inside

    The venue was wicked, (except for the heat) the view from the upstairs room into the main room was sweet! Carps played a good techno set, I remember hearing some great tracks! I caught a bit of Spencer Daniels and Jeremy Crack's set, they bring da breakbeats and they deliver dem well...
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    Happy birthday Marian!!! :)

    fuck I'm still trashed... HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEETIE!!! believe it or not you actually spun a good set tonight ;). hope you enjoyed the steak, drinks, and people as much as I did! I'll be over tomorrow with a little somethin' somethin' for ya. love, Olga Thank you to Jhole and Jim...
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    no man's land

    my friends just rented the dvd. Directed by Danis Tanovic. Who's seen it? Good war flick, I like how everybody's perspective is developed enough for you to understand(well not really but just go with me for a second), and a bit of dry humour never hurt anyone. Hits as close to home as possible...
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    Requiem for a dream

    it's on the movie network if anybody's interested. near the very beginning when they shoot up, they get so high it makes me want to try it :o . but then the rest of the movie definately keeps me straight, on most things at least!
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    Canadian Bacon

    This movie is hilarious! can't believe I've never seen it before. now I'm just lounging around, trying to stay cool. Happy Canada day everyone! Olga
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    laugh attacks?

    ever had one? Well we got into the wine qgain...hehe. Oh sorry I guess I sholud tell you I'm at Marian's house. this is taking too long... some good tikmes were had tonight Olga
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    I just saw the orange room on T.V.!

    in the movie "Get over it" with Kirsten Dunst. it's a cute film, Olga
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    Happy 420 everone!!!

    I don't get to have my fun until after my exam tonight:( Wish me luck! So what's everybody doing for this special occasion? Olga