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    JEMZ's Chillin' Private Lounge

    Happy Anniversary! I can't believe I can still log in! I haven't been here in years! this thread is the bees knees :cool: love the old school smilies!
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    The Flaming Lips

    I can't find anything! What are you guys talking about?! Olga
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    Czech in London

    So this is on...yeah? How much?
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    I am going to this with my sister :) . I've never been to the ACC...very excited for a big show! It will be quite a contrast from the Dallas Green show I just had the pleasure of going to! have a great time everyone! Olga
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    Happy birthday, Bob Marley

    Happy Birthday Bob...much love :cool: I'm just wondering why Damien Marley was missed in the speech?!:confused:
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    What do YOU Karaoke ?

    I'm a huge Sinead O'Connor fan...so I always want to sing her stuff. Unfortunately all anyone ever has is 'Nothing Compares to you', and that's not even one of my favourites! Or Tegan and Sara, or Mary Lou Lord...even something by Dallas Green! Nobody ever has their stuff, so I'm stuck singing...
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    Yep...pretty much agree with everything said, the music that night was perfect. I'm STILL sore from dancing so hard! :D Olga
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    Marcus Intalex @ Gallery - Jan 27!!

    Stop pondering...and come out! It would be good to see you Chris :) . I'm bringing up a crew from London, we haven't been to a party in ages! I'm so excited! So you guys are saying Bukem was no good? That's a let down. My friend Nick (who's coming on Fri.) saw him about a month ago somewhere in...
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    Trip Hop - airbag - snow

    Baxter's Television is definately my fav track by them! The video is cool too. Olga
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    ***presents Presents Presents***

    good call!
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    Anyone else have to work today...

    yup yup, 10:45-9:30...making mad cash though! Why are people calling for tech support on Christmas?! Get a life!
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    Girl stuff forum

    Why would ingesting vitamine e daily fuck with you?
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    Congradulation Josh and Jen !

    Congratulations! All the best to both of you :) Olga
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    mos def

    Got my ticket! Hopefully I don't get lost...anyone have any directions? I'm taking the 401 from London... I haven't been to anything on my own in a long time...this should be interesting. Olga
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    mos def

    Looks like I'm in too! :) I best go grab my ticket tomorrow.
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    Marcus and Angus Robinson in London on Saturday

    I'll be there! Do you know how much it is?
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    Ladies Night in London - June 3rd

    cool...thanks Lindsay
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    Geeksticks - who's sellin'?

    tag switcher! Oh well...if thy're not smart enough to realize this they deserve it. Walmart meh..
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    Ladies Night in London - June 3rd

    Hi guys! Hi Jay :). So where is this? (please don't say spotlight b/c I'm so sick of that soundsystem). How much? And is it all breaks? I shouldn't have a hard time convincing the boys to attend :D respect, Olga
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    Happy Birthday Mr. President....

    Well it looks like I came for a visit on the right day :) Happy Birthday James! Olga