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    House Track Recommendations?

    Hey all, I've got a friend's christmas party coming up in which I'll be DJ'ing and I was hoping some of you could give me some nice groovey, deep house or indie/nu disco type stuff recommendations... I have a fairly decent music collection of my own but I typically tend to play more on the...
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    Maintaining quality when recording/exporting your mix with Ableton

    I'm new to Ableton, just started using it about a week or so ago and I've already put together a new mix but I'm trying to figure out the best way to maintain the original quality of the tracks when recording/exporting the mix. It seems I need to lower the master gain to avoid clipping when I...
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    New to Ableton Live and have a few beginners Q's

    Up until now I've always been a 2 turntable/CDJ and a mixer DJ but after recently downloading and playing around with Ableton I'm beginning to see the endless creative possibilities with this software... I'm now interested in hooking up my mixer up to my computer/Ableton and am wondering in...
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    Ableton Live - Why are my tracks skipping?

    I've recently become interested in using Ableton Live to warp some of my tracks so I downloaded and installed several versions of the software (version 7 and 8 torrent files and the version 8 demo from the website) and for some reason, no matter what version I seem to use all my tracks skip...
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    Ableton Live - Why are my tracks skipping?

    I've recently become interested in using Ableton Live to warp some of my tracks so I downloaded and installed several versions of the software (version 7 and 8 torrent files and the version 8 demo from the website) and for some reason, no matter what version I seem to use all my tracks skip...
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    Adjusting the tempo of a recording without losing quality

    I wasn't sure where to put this but at any rate, I recorded a new mix and would like to hear how it sounds at a lower BPM, is there any software that I can use to slow things down without losing quality? Thanks
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    Trying to burn .avi and .mkv files to DVD

    I've been using Nero to try to burn season 5 of LOST to DVD for my gf's brother to watch but the problem is some episodes burn fine while others burn with the sound way off... I've tried re-burning the episodes where the sound is off but the problem still persists so it seems to be a problem...
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    Need to re-install Windows Vista... have a valid key but no disc... what to do?

    Recently my gf's computer has become infected with something nasty that is causing an endless "Windows explorer has stopped working... Windows explorer is restarting" loop rendering the computer virtually useless... I managed to back up all her files so now we'd just like to re-install her OS...
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    What cell phone companies phones use SIM cards?

    Besides Rogers phones which I already know use SIM cards... I lost my cell phone last week and got the SIM card replaced and am just using an old temp phone right now but will eventually have to buy a new phone and I just want to see what else is out there that uses SIM cards besides Rogers...
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    Need Help Choosing GPS Brand --- TomTom vs. Magellan?

    Got a TomTom XL 330S and Magellan Roadmate 1430 for x-mas and need to decide which one to keep. I don't know enough about GPS to make this decision easy. I've been trying to compare the two online but thought maybe somebody on here might know enough about GPS to help make the decision a little...
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    looking to buy a cell phone... what's the best pay as you go service provider?

    Hey everyone I'm looking to buy a cell phone as I now live in Windsor and travel on the 401 back to London approx 3 times a month so I figure it could come in handy if I ever had any car problems... also, it'd be nice to have some portable communicaton for when I go back to London to visit all...
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    how do I password protect my wireless internet connection?

    If anyone could quickly let me know, that'd be great! Thanks!
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    Car Audio

    Hey everyone, I just bought my first car and am eventually looking to upgrade the stock stereo system. Problem is I don't know jack about car audio. I'm mainly looking to add a little more bass (maybe just a couple 8" or 10" subs or even just a single 12" sub... I don't want anything over the...
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    RAM problem

    Hey everyone, So my computer is about 5 years old now... it's a pentium 4 1.8GHz with 512MB of RAM... it doesn't run terribly for what I use it for... it'll last me a little while longer yet before I need to splurge and buy a new system... but just last week I decided to add another 512MB of...
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    new video card

    hey everyone, i just thought i'd start a thread to get some input on what i should buy in terms of a new video card... i think mine is finally starting to pooch after approximately 5 years of use (the built in fan on the card no longer spins :P) the card i've been using for the past few years...
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    computer overheating --- need help diagnosing source

    hey guys, every so often my computer tends to spontaneously reboot to protect itself from the damages of overheating... i'm sure it's a problem with overheating because when i blow a desk fan into my tower with the casing off it reboots less frequently... i'd like to fix the problem except for...
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    [House/Electro House/Progressive House] Scott Stuckless - Fall 2006 Promo Mix

    Hey everyone, I thought it was time to record a new mix using some of the tracks that I've been feeling for a while now... some tracks are new, some tracks are old, but in my opinion all represent good quality house music... it's by no means a perfect mix, but it's still something that I hope...
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    can't format or install windows on my hard drive

    hey, hopefully somebody can help me, or at least tell me why this is happening... for some reason i can't format or reinstall windows on my 80GB maxtor hard drive... i've used this drive as a master in the past, but for the past while have been using it as a slave... however, recently what i...
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    DJ Mag Top 100 2006

    1. Ricky Ryan 2. Luke Fair 3. Jody Wisternoff 4. Sander K 5. John Digweed
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    [House, Progressive House, etc] Scott Stuckless - Spring 2006 Promo

    with school being finished I finally had time to record a new mix... it's a blend of the various sounds of house, progressive house or whatever you want to call it that I've been digging lately... most tracks can be found at www.beatport.com... lots of rhythm code and chris lake :D enjoy...