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    Oscar Nominations

    Worst lot ever. Can't even count on 2 hands the amount of snubs/undeserving/political choices....I'm so confused :D
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    I got a DnB feeling.... (holy fuck is this funny)

    really funny because it's true
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    Hip Hop Video Of The Year!!

    Tyler's YONKERS by a wide margin...OFWGKTA is the best thing to happen in hip hop in ages
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    How much would you pay or be paid to shag MoFo?

    is federko in the hall of fame??. I just dried up whatever was moist and/or erect I apologize.
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    How much would you pay or be paid to shag MoFo?

    I'll go an extra buck and a half for that
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    How much would you pay or be paid to shag MoFo?

    6 bucks?....9?....yeah 9 bucks
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    Best albums of 2011, thus far....

    good year! 50. Cloudland Ballroom-Illusion Circles 49.The Caretaker- An Empty Bliss BEyond This World 48. Rene Hell- The Terminal Syphony 47. Golden Retriever-Arda Viraf 46. Louis CK-Hilarious 45. Black Zone Myth Chant- Straight Cassette 44. Bjork-Biophilia 43. Panabrite- Infinite Pulsation 42...
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    Movement 2011

    Destro said it best...CLAUDE YOUNG=REAL DEEP DETROIT...The man has eluded me the last 5 times! had a great time at the actual fest seeing Deepchord(much more enjoyable in that underground outdoor space than at a cramped Metropolis for Mutek!), Adam X, Ryan Elliot, Villalobos...Really enjoyed...
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    Most recognized Canadian DJ?

    LOL...actually I don't really dig the man the way I used to back in the day but still have ample respect for his hard work and incredible longevity in a game that will chew you in pieces and spit you up...he's not a remixer with a logo for a name who appears on the Hills or 90210 or whatever :D
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    Omar S completely destroyed my feet...Unreal vibe!:)
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    Most recognized Canadian DJ?

    bald head and glasses OR blonde "Svenny" cut and no glasses........ Deadmaus?.....wouldn't recognize the guy in a crowd of six. I win. P.S. Richie was voted number 4 DJ in the WORLD last year in mixmag (which is chosen politically on BOTH skill and popularity
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    Most recognized Canadian DJ?

    it must be torture to have no frame of reference.
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    What the hell are you listening to?

    Aril Brikha-Departures in Time playing live at DEMF....fuck.
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    Most recognized Canadian DJ?

    my mistake...I guess my simpleton ass still thinks in terms of influence and an overall prestige in terms of musical creativity... also I believe That Richie was one of the biggest names at SXSW... you won't remember who Deadmaus even is in 5 years....believe me.
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    RIP Gil Scott-Heron

    huge. He even had an album released last year....RIP
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    Most recognized Canadian DJ?

    haven't read the rest of the thread because it's a no-brainer that it's Hawtin...forget the last 5 years or so....this guy is recognized by those who know and that's what counts. Still NUFF' RESPECT.
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    Realms of the senses= WOH. (Joey Lawrence style) Fando Y Lis= Jodorowsky is the most consistent director of all time in terms of number of films made. Bridesmaids= a new era of comedy has taken place Benny's Video= <3 Michael Heneke. Unrivaled.
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    Your fav rave

    this is suprisingly easy after 15 years of perpetual partying.... a Phryll party@Newz sometime in 99/'00 w/ Ray Keith,Bailey, Matrix and several others AND some choice techno artists. I remember pretty clearly dancing on a massive speaker wedged between 2 extremely happy HUGE black...
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    What the hell are you listening to?

    It's been forever since ive posted in here so I completely forgot how to post Youtube clips BUT... Angel Olsen- if it's alive, it will. incredible singer/songwriter in the lo-fi/seemingly lost recording vein...the strength is in the songwriting. check out the video on youtube. I'm retarded.