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  1. seattlite

    My company is hiring

    what company is this? can i work remote?
  2. seattlite

    SEO job/help

    I do SEO too! I am a Digitial Marketing Specialist.
  3. seattlite

    Looking for online job

    fiverr, mechanical turk and upwork are great sites to promote your services and get transcribing jobs. There are lots of opps on there that you might want to explore!
  4. seattlite

    In Need of Help

    it is ok unless u want to use them as a reference. I don't think they'd be a good reference since you were there only a week. good luck!
  5. seattlite

    i am pragant

  6. seattlite

    CBD Topicals for muscle pain relief

    I use it for costochondritis and for joint aches and pains. I do feel some relief, but it's not significant. I am not sure if it's a placebo effect or if its actually working.
  7. seattlite

    Political Correctness running amuck....

    i live in seattle and trump is the worse. everyone i know is scared of our political climate. beyond Seattle are where trump supporters live. He is messing up royally and everything is still on his side. I DONT GET IT.