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    label whores. part II.

    i'm getting this next time.
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    Bumbaclat Empty Pm

    :p so popular ... mmmuah! caroline
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    Hey! Vin Diesel!!

    send me the rest of the pictures, jackass. xoxo ... legally insane :)
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    My Apartment Smells like Otto's Jacket!

    thanks guys :P
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    nipple piercings ...

    hey this thread is for girls who have their nipples pierced... how long does it take to heal? how do you take care of it?? can you take them out if you need to .. and then put it back in? how long would it take to heal over if you were to remove them forever?? what are the possible...
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    Cry Me a River ...

    You were my sun You were my earth But you didn't know all the ways I loved you, no So you took a chance And made other plans But I bet you didn't think your thing would come crashing down, no You don't have to say, what you did, I already know, I found out from him Now there's just no...
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    what to buy men for xmas ...

    this is always sooo hard. what do men want? other than beer and sex.
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    Photoshop - Graphic Designer People!

    I need some help putting together a collage of several pictures and then some text around it or maybe at the bottom... I have no idea how to do this! Wondering if someone wants to help :) I can't imagine that it would be that hard, and you can add it to your portfolio :D xoxo -c-
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    so... how about those Raptors??

    .... I saved the best for last. GORGEOUS :)
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    Aaaaaaaaaaaaah Robert Brym !!

    you make me sooo freakin angry. this is for U of T students, or alumni..... who have had the lovely ROBERT BRYM as a professor......... or have heard of him. HE IS THE WORST. My gay boyfriend had him last year... its a class with about 5,000 students........ he used to sit at the top balcony...
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    a long shot - nav the superfan's special last friday ?

    Did anyone tape the superfan's special by any chance?? PM me or reply here ... xoxo C-Mo
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    U Of T Students - Vis120 With Lisa Steele

    are the slide tests at the beginning or at the end of the lecture?? need to know RIGHT NOW. xoxo -c-
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    happy birthday Quirkz :)

    as i am curled up in my faux-fur blanket.. i remember the danforth - and how much I hated you! And now I say "Happy Birthday!" ... cause Im awake anyway ;) I hope you have a GREAT day, and somehow I know you're going to :D You're kinda cool matt.. sometimes ;) xoxo Caroline
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    ACOUSTIC GUITAR : wanted

    rent or purchase. rent would be best ... or down payments ;) xoxo Caroline.
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    Bruvz !!!

    there is nothing better than an older bro' to watch your back, i say :) when people are acting stank ... you know your bro is there to support you.. when people wanna bring you down.. your bro is there to pull you up ... then kick their asses :D when you're broke.. your bro is there to yell...
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    my right kidney hurts

    my lower right back (i have come to the conclusion that this can ONLY be my kidney) hurt sooo much. i dont know what to do! i have to go to school for an exam in one hour but i dont know how long i can sit in class for before i start crying.... i took 2 paracetamol's (british version of...
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    art history students !!!!!!

    Discuss the impact that machines and technology have had on various art movements. Be specific and use examples. THANKS YOU GUYS :)
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    BUMBACLAT! s multiple email addresses ...

    WTF are they? someone PM me, it is not in his profile and they are always full, too....... hmmm? xoxo c-mo
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    Who is handing out Candies this Thursday?

    I am soooooo excited to hand out candies to all the cute kids !! and on top of that, me and my best friend Steve are dressing up together... as (of course) Hugh Hefner & Bunny .... he is wearing a red bathrobe, grey hair, cigar, and martini glass in hand... me, i am wearing bunny gear :D...
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    Norm !!! Ou Es-tu Mon Amour??

    where u at! need to talk to u wanna know what ur plans are for this evening ... no PM's tbk, and if u dont like it u can kiss my white ass :D