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    Farewell Kevin (R4V4G3D_SKU11S) :*-(

    Totally shocked and saddened to read this on my FB feed this morning. Sending love to Sarah and Kevin and their family. Truly heartbreaking. Many a great days/nights spent partying with Kevin. RIP.
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    Is there any point in trying to teach in this province?

    Yes. A guy I know is teaching at Humber and he gets paids $100/hr. I am actually qualified to teach college. Im just unsure as to how you go about submitting your resumes and qualifications to them. I suppose that is one bad thing about doing post grad overseas is I am so out of touch with...
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    Is there any point in trying to teach in this province?

    Thats actually not true. I went to a meeting with the Superindendant of the TDSB and he said if they have 2 resumes from two applicants with all the same qualifications they will hire the one who did their schooling overseas. They said it makes you look better because you are allegedly well...
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    Is there any point in trying to teach in this province?

    I am more than well aware of the situation. But I was not about to derail 6 years of education and avoid a career I have wanted for years because the teaching situation is rough. If I have to relocate I will, but obviously if I can get a job in the province where all my friends and family are...
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    Is there any point in trying to teach in this province?

    So after many years in university I am finally all adult like and graduated and qualified to teach Grades 7-12 English, History and Society and Culture. While all my friends from school Down Under all have full time jobs already, I am struggling here with even getting an interview. Is there...
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    Ten Years on Tribe!

    I reckon I'm at 10 years. It scares me that I havent really made it very far in 10 years! Still single, still poor but atleast I've finally graduated-twice!
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    All set for the storm? I am!

    Recliner set up poolside? Check Book open and ready to be read? Check Winery Tours booked for this afternoon? Check Ahhh New Zealand. You are wonderful Sorry, I know I'm a dick. :D
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    ~*...what tribers look like (just pix)...*~

    last week here! How happy are you guys you wont have to deal with my aussie ramblings anymore (soon you get to hear them in person :p) friend's bday party in Victoria my grad ball (whoo! Im a teacher now!) was masquerade themed see y'all in a week!
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    Show us your tats

    there are very few portraits I have seen that havent looked creepy as hell. for some reason they dont transfer to tattoos well.
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    Hollywood Muppets

    ^^ oh ya! i forgot about that muppet. What was his name? Ralph or something?
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    ~*...what tribers look like (just pix)...*~

    ha. southern cross tattoo? check. driving a ute? check. rat's tail/some terrible design shaved into your head? check. wearing board shorts with the australian flag on it? check. bare feet? check. drunk as a skunk and getting into a punch up with your gf/some other drunk bogan? check.
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    ^^Really? Guys will jump at any excuse to grow creepy moustaches. I never uderstood themale obsession with growing facial hair. I had never heard of Movember until this year...good cause, tho!
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    ~*...what tribers look like (just pix)...*~

    i just like it cuz i think it sounds cute. i'll tell you what im not bringing back. Lollies. What s stupid word. It's called candy!
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    11. Do not hustle the lobsters.

    HEAPS!!!!!! <3 location is the magic position, hey? patrick wolf fan?
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    ~*...what tribers look like (just pix)...*~

    thank you very much! I got it at a sidewalk sale that some store (never heard of it) here was having. and get this....it was $5! Whoot!
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    ~*...what tribers look like (just pix)...*~

    Nah, heaps is heaps good. Im keeping it! Besides, it is no more agrivating than totes. Chris, you fuck. What's wrong with that dress? It's nice! And to think i was going to compliment you today.
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    ~*...what tribers look like (just pix)...*~

    we found this heaps awesome tree. So we posed in it like wanks.
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    Has anybody been to the Royal Winter Fair?

    omg. i have been the the royal every single year for the last 16 years with my Mom, aunts and cousins. We always go for the Dressage night. This is the first year i am going to miss it. awwww... high ho! come to the Fair!
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    Amusing/Strange/Random Pictures

    Why is that guy doing hobbies with a scalpel?
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    District 9

    couldn't be assed to read the thread, so to avoid repeating what has already been said i won't go into a whole diatribe about it....but this movie blows.