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    The Hunger Games

    I read the book last week because my 16 year-old son LOVES this series. We are going to see the movie with another family tomorrow. This is what it's about to me - being able to connect with my son on things that he really likes and making it about family and friends. It's a real teaching moment...
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    LF: Wheels for Little G to Learn On

    I'm looking for a set of wheels for the kid to learn to drive on. He also is in mechanic training at Danforth Tech, so some minor work required (as long as it's certified, etc) isn't a big deal. He says he'd like a domestic, not sure why, might have something to do with parts. Anyhoo, if you...
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    SHERLOCK the TV show

    There's a Series 3! Steven Moffat said it was commissioned at the same time as Series 2. More Sherlock to come!
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    SHERLOCK the TV show

    This show is unreal. I had nearly given up on smart television for adults, and then, BAM. Sherlock. I can't say enough great stuff about it. WATCH IT!
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    BEST podcasts?

    "Stuff You Should Know" from two guys who write for howstuffworks.com. It's amazing, I look forward to it every Tuesday and Thursday. Plus, if you start listening now, you'll have a 300-episode back catalogue that won't stale-date for like 100 years!
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    Christmas is only days away.

    Couldn't. Care. Less. Bah humbug.
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    Where do you people live?

    We moved to Coxwell/Gerrard a few months ago from Yonge/Eglinton and we LOVE it. I am thinking I will buy in 2-3 years, with a decent down payment. Prices are in the 325-375 range for a 2-3 bdrm move-in place that will need work over a period of time. I absolutely adore this area and will stay...
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    Doctor WHO

    So awesome. Loved every moment of it.
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    The Mom Thread

    Skyparty, from what you've said, this controlling behaviour is, actually, abusive. Abusive people seek to control their partners' every move. What right does he have to control the money when he's not the one bringing it in? The reason you don't understand his perspective is because you are not...
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    Sewing Machines!

    Today, I took a first step in doing something I've been wanting to do for myself for a long time - I took a sewing lesson! I will take many more, but I know this is something I'm going to love, and so I want to start to think about buying my own machine. Have you got any recommendations for me...
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    Infographics! They'll make you smart

    Infographic OVERLOAD!
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    Doctor WHO

    Rory has been getting slightly more sturdy as a person on his own (as Mickey did) over the course of several episodes. The next two will be the turning point.
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    Doctor WHO

    I know! I was properly stunned at the end. It was like 80 minutes of show to set up the last 10 mins. WACKY! The way the Doctor was telling Amy to breathe, communicating with her through her ganger...CRAZY. I'm excited for the next episode...but then 3 long months of break.
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    Gender Storm raises debate about sex

    How about instead of this, they just make sure that boy trucks and dolls are available to their kids, make sure all colours of shirts and pants are in their drawers and be done with it? My son was raised alongside a little girl just a few months older than him and they swapped clothes and toys...
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    Heirloom antiques and some Ikea chairs/cushions for sale!

    No glass, just curtains. It's really lovely, but needs some work!
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    Heirloom antiques and some Ikea chairs/cushions for sale!

    Posted on craigslist here: HEIRLOOM furniture, cheap! (and some IKEA chairs) Check it out!
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    Doctor WHO

    There is a theory that the Flesh Doctor is the one who gets shot by the astronaut in the first episode of this series. That solves some problems, and would be cool, making these episodes fit into the larger series arc. Intrigue! ETA: Sherlock is totally great, and I love it as well. But the...
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    Doctor WHO

    Well, I have to say - not a fan of this week's episode, and since I don't like the story in general, I am not looking forward to two weeks from now when they show the next episode. So that's the first thing. BBC America isn't showing the second part, "The Almost People", until June 4th because...
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    Congrats Kuba and V

    Congratulations, Jake. Wonderful news.
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    Doctor WHO

    LOVED the episode. Favourite since the Flesh and Stone/Time of the Angels. I love it when the Doctor gets a bit emotional. I do wish they'd stop killing Rory though. Favourite part at the end when the Doctor asks Rory if he's OK and Rory says NO. I was glad of that because companions always...