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  1. J

    FS: Neutral Milk Hotel - 2 Tix Monday show

    I am selling my 2 beloved tickets to the January 20, 2014 show. I am asking $100.00 total for both tickets. If you are interested you may email me at campbell.jc@hotmail.com Thank you.
  2. J

    RIP Stompin Tom

  3. J


    Well it would seem Israel is about ready to finally decimate Gaza. How a tiny tract of desert occupies so much of the world's resources and interests is just astounding to me. I can only imagine nobody ever expected centuries of mythological sky gods doubling as real estate agents would...
  4. J

    Google stock plummets

    From my Facebook: When the stock market goes so crazy that trading is suspended on a stock how can this be an accurate representation of a free market system? Is someone out there able to explain this to me? If so, can that same person explain to me how one of the wealthiest companies on the...
  5. J

    RIP Michael Clarke Duncan

    Michael Clarke Duncan Dead: 'Green Mile' Actor Dies At 54 LOS ANGELES -- Michael Clarke Duncan's fiancee says the Oscar nominee for "The Green Mile" has died while being hospitalized following a July heart attack. Publicist Joy Fehily released a statement from Clarke's fiancée, the...
  6. J

    Liverpool FC v Toronto FC

    I am selling two (2) tickets to Saturday July 21, 2012 at Rogers Centre Section 118 Row 6 Seat 10 & 11 These tickets are in the TFC end of the pitch with a bunch of my friends (who are awesome). I am asking face value which is $144.00 total. The catch is I do not live in Toronto...
  7. J

    Sistine Chapel

    Awesome Sistine Chapel
  8. J

    Tom Gabel to become a woman

    One of the finest song writers of our era (IMHO) has shocked the rock world. I say good for him and good luck Against Me!'s Tom Gabel Comes Out as Transgender | News | Pitchfork Tom Gabel, leader of Florida punk band Against Me!, has revealed to Rolling Stone that she plans to begin...
  9. J

    RIP Heavy D

    Heavy D Dead at 44 | Music News | Rolling Stone RIP to a legend from my youth
  10. J

    The Downfall of Penn State

    This is a huge story in the making and I am very curious to see if this will be the end of Joe Paterno Abuse allegations detailed in Penn State coach scandal - latimes.com Penn State's football faithful should be worried this week about their upcoming home game against No. 19 Nebraska —...
  11. J

    Access DB Help

    I know this may be a long shot but here goes. I have created a Database which (among other things) is supposed to calculate the total incidences of absences etc while eliminating other codes we need for tracking but not to be added to the grand total. And I can't get the formula right... it...
  12. J

    Plane Crash in Russia

    Russian jet carrying KHL hockey team crashes Russian jet carrying KHL hockey team crashes 36 reported killed, including some foreign players CBC News Posted: Sep 7, 2011 9:05 AM ET A passenger jet carrying a KHL hockey team has crashed while taking off in western Russia, killing...
  13. J

    RIP Mike Flanagan

    This is a very sad ending unfortunately for a great Oriole and former Blue Jay Flanagan death ruled suicide by medical examiner - MLB - Yahoo! Sports BALTIMORE (AP)—Former Cy Young award winner Mike Flanagan died of a self-inflicted shotgun wound to the head, the Maryland medical...
  14. J

    Udder Chaos

    Warning issued for cow missing from farm in Orange | WTNH.com Connecticut Warning issued for missing cow Jul 15, 2011 6:48 a.m. Animal Control officials say a cow missing in near the Orange-West Haven city line could be a bit dangerous. Animal Control Officer Rick George tells the New...
  15. J

    U.S TV Commercials

    I just watched the last 25 minutes of ABC's World News and during that time there were 2 separate commercial breaks. In order these are the commercials that were shown over the two segments: - Transitions eyeglass lenses - Glucerna meal replacement shakes - Purina Natural Cat Chow -...
  16. J

    Casey Anthony

    Jury is deliberating....So what do you think? I personally feel she should be found not-guilty based on the lack of evidence although I feel it will be hard for a jury not to convicet her of something considering her behaviour and the fact that she is most likely guilty regardless of there...
  17. J


    So just went to order cheques through TD 100 cheques $29.00 Shipping and Handling $5.00 GST $4.99 So $40.00 for 100 cheques or $4.00/cheque.... what the fuck??? Please someone tell me I am missing something and there is a less ass-rapish way to get a new book of cheques.
  18. J

    RIP Bob Probert

    Bob Probert dead | Hockey | Sports | Toronto Sun Bob Probert, the one-time scourge of the NHL, who battled so many players on the ice and a host of drug and alcohol issues away from the rink, was pronounced dead on Monday afternoon at a Windsor Hospital after collapsing on a boat on Lake St...
  19. J

    Unhappy with my HD

    So I have a Samsung 1920 x 1080i 60Hz LCD TV with an HD receiver on Cable run through HDMI and I just am not happy enough with the image. When I am watching commercials and broadcast graphics etc it is stunning but when I actually watch sports (for example) I get so much compression...
  20. J

    Car Audio Problem

    I picked up a deck for my 96 Grand Am (beater) and pulled a wiring guide for the car off the net and nothing matches up. I am wondering if anyone knows the most effective way for me to match the existing wiring in the car with the correct wires on the deck's wiring harness without shorting...