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    RIP Taro

    :( RIP Tim Dickson (DJ Taro) Even though you were there for me through many battles, I'm sorry I couldn't be here for you during yours. you were an increadibly gifted mind, and someone I'll never forget.
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    Looking for a part time Nanny

    Hey Tribers! We're looking for a part time Nanny to help cover the 2-3 hoursa day between when my partner leaves for work and I get home to look after our amazing 10 month old little boy. It will be only for 6-10 hours a week from 330-630pm, and we're offering $12±, based off experience and...
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    Looking for a Kitchen Manager & Line Cook

    Need full time work? We're a downtown Toronto deli and pizza shop looking to hire an experienced kitchen manager FT days (7-4), and a line cook FT evenings (4-12). Menu is simple right now, but we're in need of someone with passion willing to work with the owner and I to build something...
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    The Great Gluten-Free Scam

    I've been saying this a while, but it's nice to see it laid out by a major publication. The great gluten-free scam - Telegraph
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    A Penniless girl, bad dates & plenty of oysters

    This girl is getting a lot of hate. I think it's awesome. Power to her. Any guy who's willing to agree to a fancy meal on her bucket list on a first date is a sucker who should expect what he gets. A Penniless girl, bad dates & plenty of oysters
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    FS : Ikea Komplement Shoe Rack - $45/each

    We are selling TWO (2) Ikea Komplement shoe racks. This product retails at $65.00 CDN and is often hard to obtain at Ikea, as it's constantly on back-order. These steel racks fit the 100cm Customizable Pax system from Ikea. We'll sell them individually at $45/each or at a deal of $80/ for the...
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    FS: Ladies 18spd Supercycle MTB - $60

    This ladies Supercycle MTB is in great condition. it has always been kept indoors and has been well taken care of. Front gears need a tune-up, but bike works great! 26" Wheels on Aluminum Rims Chromoly Frame Shimano 18 Speed drive train Shimano breaking system. Location: Jane & St Claire...
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    ReiboCeine used to increase Glutathione

    I've got a friend who's trying to get me on board to selling this next big miracle pill. ReiboCeine is a patented molecule that will greatly increase Glutathione (Glutathione - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - the most important AntiOxidant to the body) levels in the body. it's...
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    This man has reinvented the Wheel.

    And, it's square. amazing. This Guy Reinvented the Wheel ... by Turning It Into a Cube - Megan Garber - The Atlantic
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    FS: Hardstyle Vinyl

    Because it's not techno, tech-house or tech-funk - i'm doubting tribers will even have a look at this. But, i figured there's some head that might be interested in purchasing. I'm selling all(well, most) of my Hardstyle Vinyl. Mostly 2002-2005 stuff. Lots of Gems, white labels and tunes...
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    Book of Mormon - The Musical

    This deserves its own thread! Went and saw the Matinee yesterday with a few friends, and absolutely loved it! (I had previously watched a bootleg of the Broadway version, when my fiancée had an audition for the ensemble of the tour, so I knew what I was getting into when i saw the show)...
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    College & Bathurst Coachouse for Rent

    Hey Gang. We are looking for someone to take over our lease (runs until September 1st, but you can always renew with the landlord to stay on if you wish). It's a pretty awesome pad. It's a detached coach house, only a few steps away from the Euclid & College Streetcar stop, and all the...
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    Lots for Sale!

    We want extra money for the Domenican, so we're selling a bunch of things we don't use. Selling a few things we don't need/use 15'' Macbook Pro 2.16Ghz - 450$ (4GB Ram, 150gb HD) -Tech 1200 -$250 (Technics 1200 MK2- As/Is) -Wii Games ($10 Eeach) -Okami -MLB Power Pros -Mad World...
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    Harper launches "Office of Religious Freedoms"

    what the christ? Harper launching long-awaited religious freedom office - Politics - CBC News
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    Hatchet Wielding Hitchhiker kills Jesus

    Phenominal interview. Hatchet-Wielding Hitchhiker Gives Insane Interview After Saving Woman from Bear-Hugging Jesus
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    Alleged Serial Rapist in Toronto's rave scene.

    Rampersad will appear in court Thursday. Toronto man charged with sexually assaulting 2 teens | CityNews Met this guy at my first Darkrave in 2002. I was trippin balls on acid, and he wanted me to give him a hug. I always thought he was kind of creepy - considering he only hung out...
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    Now Toronto : Positive Reviews for those who Advertise?

    I've heard many people speak up this thought before. Now magazine gives preferential treatment to those who advertise in their magazine. It seemed to make sense, based on some of their selections for top spots - as well as some of the negative reviews they've given. I've never seen any...
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    Globalization & Quinoa

    Can vegans stomach the unpalatable truth about quinoa? | Joanna Blythman Read this article this morning, and it really has me torn. There was a point two years ago where I was eating Quinoa 3-4 times a week. we only eat it once a week or so now. i've avoided peruvian asparagus for a while...
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    FS : 50qt Whirlpool Dehumidifier & Noma Oil-Filled Radiator

    We're selling a few more things we don't need and don't have room for: Oil-Filled Electric Radiator -$40 : (Perfect for those who have poor heating or electric baseboard heaters. this unit is much more efficient and will save you TONES on hydro) 1500w Noma Oil-Filled Radiator...
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    Moving Help, Paying Cash.

    Are you strong? Are you available Wednesday, October 31st to help us move? Then WE NEED you! What you can expect from us? -Fair pay for the right person. We'll pay $20/hr at a minimum of 4hrs pay ($80). Job may go 5-6 hours at most. -A tasty lunch for fuel your hard working muscles. What we...