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    LF: Wheels for Little G to Learn On

    I'm looking for a set of wheels for the kid to learn to drive on. He also is in mechanic training at Danforth Tech, so some minor work required (as long as it's certified, etc) isn't a big deal. He says he'd like a domestic, not sure why, might have something to do with parts. Anyhoo, if you...
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    Sewing Machines!

    Today, I took a first step in doing something I've been wanting to do for myself for a long time - I took a sewing lesson! I will take many more, but I know this is something I'm going to love, and so I want to start to think about buying my own machine. Have you got any recommendations for me...
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    Heirloom antiques and some Ikea chairs/cushions for sale!

    Posted on craigslist here: HEIRLOOM furniture, cheap! (and some IKEA chairs) Check it out!
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    Room in North Toronto home for rent!

    Looking for a new roommate in my house, to share with myself, my son (he's 14, great guy) and our dog. Located on Mt. Pleasant Rd, north of Eglinton, the room is a good size and has a closet, and the window looks out on the backyard (you don't hear the Mt. Pleasant traffic noise at all). The...
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    Parking spot @ Mt. Pleasant/Eglinton - guaranteed 24/7

    This is what I posted on CL/Kijiji, asking $150, but $125 for tribers! technics1200 "A private front pad parking space just north of Eglinton on Mt. Pleasant Road is available starting August 31, 2009. This type of parking is ideal for someone who would like to drive into the city, but not...
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    Executive Assistant

    I've just started working at this company (a delegated administrative authority of the provincial government) and it's terrific. Good people, interesting work. The Workopolis posting is here. PM me if you're interested.
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    Why YYZ?

    Anyone know why Toronto's airport code is YYZ? I can't seem to find a history of it after a cursory search.
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    Teenagers: It was the best of times, and the worst of times...

    My son is turning 13 tomorrow. We're already feeling the teen pinches...can't get him to go to bed at night, can't get him up in the morning, can't have enough food in the house for his monster appetite, etc, etc. Let's have a place where mothers of older kids and those who love (or...
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    City walking sticks - with swords!

    I'm looking for a city walking stick, preferably with a sword in it, for the man for Christmas. Anyone know of any particular stores or antiques shops in town that might have such things? I think he'd like a black one with a "my lord" engraved knob on top, but I think the sword is much more...
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    LF: No Frills Laptop for grade 8 kid

    My kid (who has some learning disabilities and has a hard time with handwriting), is asking for a laptop to use for school. I'm inclined to get him one. As such, I come to you, dear friends of Tribe. I would buy brand new, but all new laptops have a few things against them: 1. Wifi in a wifi...
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    NASA/JPL: Phoenix has landed!

    Just waiting on the solar panel deployment and first pictures. Excitement!
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    FS: Two different cell phones

    I have these two phones kicking around my house that I don't use and won't ever. 1. Motorola RAZR - Pink - $100 It's on the Virgin moile pay-as-you go plan, but you can switch to a plan if you want or just continue the pay-as-you-go. There's a camera and it's a nice phone, I just won't use...
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    ERGO baby carrier for a newly single mother needed

    Hey all, I have a new neighbour who is a wonderful woman with a 5 year-old girl and a 4 month-old boy. She had to leave her abusive, cocaine-addicted husband in a midnight move-out a month ago. She is a daycare worker by trade and doesn't have a lot of money, and she is trying to find an Ergo...
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    Cleanses - experiences/advice please!

    I'm starting the Wild Rose Herbal D-tox tomorrow. After the campaign, I'm feeling like shit with no energy and always tired - not even regular trips to the Y is helping. A friend who is into this stuff recommended this cleanse. It's 12 days adn the food list isn't particularly restrictive -...
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    It's Voting Day Today

    Whoever you vote for, try to get out and vote. Polls are open from 9am-9pm, and you are entitled to a certain number of hours (I believe it's 3 or 4) to vote.
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    Turning 30

    A month from tomorrow is my 30th birthday, and while I wasn't feeling any which way in particular about it before, I am now. I'm getting butterflies just thinking about it. Anyway, it seems to me like there are certain things you just shouldn't do when you're in your thirties...like being 30...
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    FREE: Need an inflatable mattress?

    Take mine. It's Woods brand, Queen size with a faux suede top. You'll need a pump 'cause I don't have it. If you come and pick it up, it's yours (Yonge & Eg, close to Sporting Life). Pic here
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    BRT: Lucinda! (or anyone who knows GoodLife!)

    I'm helping out a friend with the CityChase and I'm trying to track down a location of GoodLife that starts with "1" - logically we thought it was the Union location, but the address there is 7 Station St. Do you have any idea which location this could be? Or know where I can find a list of...
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    RIP President Ford

    President Ford, dead at 93. Now here's a death I can have some mild interest in - a man who inherited a nation in shock and mourning, and turned it around in the unlikeliest of ways. It's not particularly sad that he died, he did live 93 years and was President...a full life, I'd think...
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    Desperately Seeking: Iron-ons for t-shirts

    Where does one find these things? It's the only thing I can think of for my secret santa gift but I'm baffled as to where I would go in search of clever things to put on a t-shirt. I just KNOW Tribe will be able to help. baconpan