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    The 3rd or 5th wheel

    How does one fare along socially with couples or plus kids? Your friends used to be awesome, but now it's like a DUI to the Universe.
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    DepoProvera long term

    Hello everyone, I'm scheduled to get my next shot today and i've done all the bone tests and such. Definitely not wanting to breed, and due to family issues, won't change. How long can you stay on Depoprovera? Do I really need to get my period? Any input? Thanks!
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    Happy Canada Day!

    We are so lucky to live here. Happy 145th birthday for Canada everyone!!
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    Myagi back in Toronto!

    Seen! Grotto Lounge is the old Calisto on College. Ah Myagi. After such a hiatus such a pleasant treat....
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    Spinal Surgery

    Hi everyone, If you're out 6 to 8 weeks, what is the best thing to do if you've already been approved from work. I NEED to be in there for accounting... and they don't speak French. My word, i'm scared. Has anyone known anyone with pelvic-spinal. Thank you. Techdruid
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    Fatboy slim at Kool Haus

    June at Kool Haus. FATBOY SLIM.... Sidney Samson, Afrojack and Chus & Ceballos. Got tix so if i can stand up won't miss this for the world! Who's in??
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    Dude, so there. SICK BREAKS, free Marty Mcfly, can't go wrong with locals Skank Honto and Ghaleon..... and who doesn't love TOTA?
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    Krafty Kuts & Dynamite MC

    Gotta head to the beach for fireworks but didn't anyone else want to post up on this?! Effin sick!! <3 I'll try to post a review at work tomorrow.
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    Girl piercings

    Hi girls, Anyone know of a trustworthy place in Tdot (or even surrounding areas) that's good with nipple piercings? I need to go up a few gauges since I've been lazy and only using smallest size to keep 'em open. Female would be best. Any good places? Thanks! In addition.... if anyone...