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    Spencer Dee - The Empress Needs A New Name [Spaghetti Disco/Nu Retro/Beach House]

    More of you fuckin' people should download this...cause you're missin' out. TUNES.
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    30 Rock

    this show is messing with my mindgrapes
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    Here we glo again OR lol new indie raves in england

    They already have a net presence that's bigger than anyone message board (pssst...MySpace).
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    Here we glo again OR lol new indie raves in england

    Haven't popped in here for a long time, but noticed this thread and found it pretty amusing. The dismissive posts in here are reflective of a group of people who are seemingly out-to-lunch when it comes to new music or culture. This cheekily-coined “new rave” from the UK is just the most recent...
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    2007 Blue Jays

    ugh...I'M SO TORN on this deal. I was completely shocked when I read about it this morning, then really excited at the prospect of power bat DH...now I'm resenting JP for signing. That contract is just way too much...I think 2 years/$16 mil would have been MORE than reasonable. Or $7mil per...
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    Fuck yes. Me -> head to the gym, cook some dinner, have some people over for drinks, pop into Vinyl for a drink or two, rip it over to the old port for Stephan Bodzin and Oliver Huntemann!! Gonna be a damn good night.
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    A brand brand new picture thread. (with pics)

    what a dope jam. ouch it hurts today.
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    How are you spending Thanksgiving this year???

    Thursday: Spank Rock & TTC jaaaam Friday: chillin', flicks? Saturday: art opening/concert/loft party nonsense Sunday: A Displaced Anglos Thanksgiving dinner Monday: Working for triple $$$
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    Baseball Playoffs

    AWESOME game going on in Minneapolis right now. I'm so glad I bought the MLB.tv playoff package. Go Twins!
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    Got to check a Chromeo DJ set this summer, it was dope they were dropping all sorts of 90's classics. It was like a muchmusic video dance party except without the standing the around or video, just lots of party. Warren G - Regulate - WHAT!. Then I caught them at the album release party...
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    Peanut Butter Wolf presents Chrome Children

    Anyone copped this yet? Lovin' it. Dilla's "Nothing Like This" has cemented itself of one of my favourite tracks of the year. Tracklisting: 01. Oh No - Oh Zone 02. Guilty Simpson - Clap Your Hands 03. Madlib - Take It Back...
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    "Making Planets" is still one of the my favourite tunes of the past few years...regardless of musical genre.
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    What the hell are you listening to?

    Again and again! PS - sup lil' rei rei
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    OSHEAGA Music and Arts Festival!

    Trying to get off work so I can catch Sonic Youth on Saturday. AhhhhHh!
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    Toronto Blue Jays 2006

    Fuck Willis and Zito. Zito will go to the Yankees or someone like that, as they can afford to pay him the most. And I think Dontrelle's pretty overrated...and have a feeling he would get his ass handed to him in the AL. I think we can get someone like Jason Shmidt for a better deal than...
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    Iloveneon long weekend

    BUG AT PIKNIC!! Plus Sonic Youth outdoors on Saturday. Going to be an amazing music weekend.
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    Toronto Blue Jays 2006

    Wetdream Trade: Vernon Wells - unhappy in Toronto, wants to play in his home state, contract ending soon Roy Oswalt - vocally unhappy in Houston, contract ending soon V-Dub (with possibly a minor leaguer) for Oswalt = Best starting staff in the Majors BOOK IT!