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    The "should probably go somewhere else" thread

    I thought I'd make a thread where I wasn't certain where something should go. Others, please feel free to post stuff you're unsure about. :eek: I made this thing one time and....maybe the producers forum? But whoever looks in there? So here, fizx-recordings | artists | projekt 2501 |...
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    Here's some breaks

    I haven't recorded a set in over.....I dunno. Years though. Here ya go..... http://jmp.sh/Q9QWuKE
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    Final Fantasy XIV: A realm reborn

    SoooOo....just wondering if anyone else on here is playing it?
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    It must be addressed..No one went to Digital Dreams?

    So, I didn't go last year, but I really enjoyed all the complaints.I didn't go this year as well, but I was hoping for something similar this year, but there is no mention of it anywhere. Seriously, did no one go?
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    Articulate sound syndrome

    Since it isn't actually a mix, but an ep, I'm putting it here too. Maybe it'll get moved? Maybe it sucks soooOOo much I will be banned. Let's see? fizx-recordings | artists | projekt 2501 | releases | articulate sound syndrome
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    Articulate sound syndrome

    So, it's not really a mix, but an ep I made. Took awhile...here it is....like/hate away...... fizx-recordings | artists | projekt 2501 | releases | articulate sound syndrome
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    Forum is lacking!!!! PLease save it!!!

    So, I'll get things started by asking if anyone knows of any free,awesome,vst's?
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    Looking for Jungle dj's!!!!!

    Looking for jungle,dnb, dubsteep and breaks dj's in and around the Windsor area for a potential night. May turn into a weekly thing. May turn into nothing. Nothing is set in stonr yet, but the ball is rolling. Hopefully someone can help or point me in the right dirrection. Thanks...