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  1. J

    rocket stick use

    quick question... im using my friends rocket stick as i have no internet where I am... does using youtube or netflix count towards usuage and downloading??? he said to not download anything as it is costly but i dont know if youtube and netflix are in this category thanks
  2. J

    ufc undisputed 3 - how to unlock characters

    for ps3? anyone?
  3. J

    Hell's Kitchen 7

    I think ramsey set a new record last night. Whatd he kick out, like 7 people? They also completed dinner service on the first try for the first time. usually they have a few people who are just horrible, not so much this year. that old bitch who should have got booted yesterday is bad...
  4. J

    Ultimate 2009

    Is everyone pumped for this season!!!? Not me, I have shoulder surgery set for May 5th so I get to sit on the sidelines, coach, and watch my team have fun.
  5. J

    miss you

    hi core room.. i listened to hhc yesterday.. paulina taylor at atm it was nice.. you still rule, and i still like cats
  6. J

    keeper league needs more teams

    im involved in another nhl keeper league. draft is tonight at 8pm yahoo pools id# 29513 password: abc123 theres still lots of room!
  7. J

    Ottawa Senators 08-09

    Let`s look for a rebound year! Hopefully we can make a deal for a real number 1 golie as for the draft today people are saying that we should be taking a D man if the sens can trade up and get a top 10 pick of a d guy ready to step in a play esp with Brian Lee ready to be a full time...
  8. J

    Thickening your blood.. TATTOO QUESTION

    so im doing a half sleeve memorial for my parents and for the second session in a row we had to stop super early as i was bleeding too much and especially with portraits you dont want to be pounding the blood back in.. anyways, i need to try to thicken up my blood some how. the artist said...
  9. J

    Montreal - What to do?

    Okay going to Montreal next weekend for UFC. What are the must do's? Where is the best place to get poutine and a smoked meat sandwich?
  10. J

    Beastie Boy tickets (2) fri 21st

    Two tickets for the Friday show section 107 row 8 $75each(ticket price)
  11. J

    Beastie Boys - ACC

    Got my tickets today!
  12. J

    NYE 2006 or 2007

    what is it? im thinking 2007 as we are on the eve of '07 i'm right, right?
  13. J

    I might have lost my passport....

    probally pretty bad because if i did it'll be in buffalo.... what should I do?
  14. J

    NYE Theme Party Ideas

    So I'm hosting a nye party at my bar and am trying to pick a fun theme. obviously mascarade, luau, toga, etc anyone have ideas? experience? advice? been searching around the net but havent found anything unique yet
  15. J

    What radio stations do you listen to?

    So I have a new car* now but dont listen to the radio all that often but when I do want to I dont know any stations.... i only know 102.1 and Y108 so... what do you listen to? i dont like rap or hip hop or any of that shit. *my old car didnt have a digital dial so i never knew what...
  16. J

    cannot pay file...

    Okay so hulla (shut up) is releasing all kinds of old sets for download on their site but when i dl them i always get this message: anyone have any ideas?
  17. J

    Happy Birthday jmaggs!!

    Yes my friend!! All the best james, you're a great friend hope your birthday is just as great. He's THIRTY now!! Hope the party is a fun one tonight. Wish I could be there.... We'll do it up proper next week.
  18. J

    region 2 dvds?

    um, ya do region 2 dvds play here? which region doesn't?
  19. J

    need girl shopping help

    I hate shopping. okay, so i've gone out with this girl twice. nothing serious!!! ya, it's her birthday today. I have no idea what to get for her.... um, ideas?
  20. J

    G License ?

    So I have my G test on Tuesday. Any tips? My only area on concern is doing the emergency highway stop. Do they still do this? How do you do it properly? I know a lot of people fail the first time. What should I do to not fail?