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    FS: 100 Happy Hardcore/Rotterdam/Trance records

    I'm selling these for a friend. I don't want to have to list them all so I'm selling them as a lot. A lot of these records were brought back from the UK by my friend who was big time into hardcore in the mid 90s. Some double packs and a few compilations as well. Mostly happy hardcore and...
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    I jsut saw this and it's crazy! THough some of you would apprecaite it, especially Vergel. If you've seen it, my apologies but I did a search. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0h-RhyopUmc http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MPG-LYoW27E&mode=related&search=
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    Issue Recording in SoundForge

    I'm trying to record a quick mixdown of a track I'm working on in SoundForge. The music is all coming out of a hardware synth and sounds fine when I'm recording it but when I listen to the playback, it actually seems to drop notes occasionally, or speeds up and get out of synch?! How is...
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    Anyone have MAMEX for their XBOX?

    I want to run MAME on my XBOX but I'm having a hell of a time getting hold of the software. I was able to find the source code for MAMEOX but you need the XBOX sdk to compile it. MAMEX doesn't seem to be easy to find because Microsoft seems to scare sites into not sharing it. Anyone...
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    What's the real name for Rocker Dots?

    You know, when you put those 2 dots over the letter o or u. Like in Motely Crue? Please and thank you.
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    The future is digital but...

    They need to stop releasing products that are not as reliable as their analog equivelent. Examples: Digital cameras: My company bought one in 98. It was a CASIO and I think it cost around $1500 at the time. I think it was 1 megapixel. Anyway, the pictures it took were terrible...
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    How many times a day do you just want to yell out "KHAAAN!!!??!" Now you don't have to...
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    New Doctor Who will be on CBC

    I just read that Canada is the first country to purchase the new Doctor Who series. It won't be on TVO this time though, our very own CBC has stepped up to the plate. I just can't wait till 2005! Anyone else excited about this? Here's an unofficial shot of the New Doctor, Christopher...
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    Hookers on Richmond?!!?

    I just wanted to mention that I saw hookers on Richmond in between Money and Tonic on Friday. Perhaps for some of you this in nothing new, but I must admit I was quite shocked to see them so far from their usual stomping ground. Does anyone else find this disturbing?
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    New Classic SENSEi Set Now On-line

    Hey everybody. I have recently found several of my old sets on tape and I'm in the process of transfering them to CD. This is the latest one. It is at least 5 years old I think, and it moves between Trip Hop, Breaks and even a little techo. I enjoyed listening to it again, and I hope...
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    I need some help using portamento. My understanding of portamento is that it causes a shift in pitch to a sound over time. So if I want a sound to go up or down in pitch when I play it, I use portamento. The problem I have is that I want a long portamento effect, but don't seem to be...
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    Doubling tracks

    I was having a discussion with my friend who also owns a home studio and has been making music since the analog days. He says it is quite common to double up your kick or any other part to get more punch. I've heard some great kick/snares in the past and I've heard some really weak ones but I...
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    Pop cans = Houses - A thread for Timo

    This e-mail just came around my work and I couldn't resist posting it here: Help the Habitat Family by saving your aluminum pop and juice cans. For every 100 flattened pop or juice cans donated Habitat North Durham will receive 55 cent for every 100 cans and all the proceeds will go towards...
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    FS - Yamaha O1V Digital Mixer with ADAT Card

    Great mixer!! I have 2. :) I'm selling one as I am re-organizing my studio. 16 channels analog + 8 channels ADAT Digital effects and routing. SDIF etc etc etc... $1700 obo e-mail: djsensei<no spam>@angelfire.com
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    FS: Yamaha RM1X

    A full description can be found here This is the MC-303 killer!! I've had both and this thing blows it away... Want to start a live PA? This is a great sequencer for that purpose. Great for studio too. It can import standard midi files as well as control external gear. It has a...
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    Fs: Korg Ms2000

    I am selling my MS2000 because I need some cash right now. It is in great shape. A full description can be found here: Asking $800 obo You can e-mail me @ djsensei <no spam> @angelfire.com
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    BRT 4 Leogirl

    Box-o = dirty-o
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    DSV PM Box = Full

    Please empty. :)
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    Survivor SPOILERS - Don't click if you don't want to know

    Survivor outcome spoiled Warning! This story may reveal All-Stars' biggest secrets By KEVIN WILLIAMSON <mailto:kevin.williamson@calgarysun.com> -- Ottawa Sun Bah! you cry. This is just more spoilerific gossip that ultimately proves false, you say. How dare we publish lies, lies and more...
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    At New York's Kennedy Airport today, an individual, later discovered to be a public school math teacher, was arrested trying to board a flight while in possession of a ruler, a protractor, a set square and a calculator. Attorney General John Ashcroft believes the man is a member of the...