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    Anyone hitting this up @ the ModClub December 4th? It seems that Emerge Entertainment is really getting the act together and bringing some quality talent. =Hades=
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    snowboarding 04/05

    Re: Re: Re: ^^^^ or you can go out and by some Mat-tack, if your not feeling creative. Yes the shit that you line your Kitchen Cupboards with, trust on this; I've had a lot of fun with this stuff back in the days of riding boards that were cut down to 140. But spray paint and stencils is...
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    snowboarding 04/05

    The new Burton T6 would be just magichttp://www.burton.com/burton/gear/products.asp?productID=8 GOD I MISS RIDING IN NEWFOUNDLAND!!!!!! powder,powder and more powder!!!!!! *rubbing hands to warm the up for long days/nights strapped in* =Hades= All ready did a pre-wax just for fun...
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    for all of you jonesing for snow right now

    were do you live that you are so lucky?? =Hades=
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    We Don"t Suck @ The Lab

    I have to say, for what I was there for, I was really diggin it!!! Got there @ 10ish for Stewie D's( Tekkid ) set, because someone I was speaking to earlier in the evening said that he'd be on @ 10( Lord of techno thank god I love you, even though you showed up for Stewie's last track ;) )...
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    My current boss has the worst "morning after gas" that tends to linger around the office..... very plesent!!! He also told me that I will never get a raise or a promotion, wait that was my VP. How's that for employee motivation. =Hades=
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    Ghost in the Shell 2 OMGWTF!!!!

    this is not working for me either. wierd techy gargon comes on the screen; just says it cannot be DL'd, that the connection has failed =Hades=
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    Is this the track you telling me about the other day????? You spelled it out, but I was a geek with out a pen at that moment. =Hades=
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    John Digweed to do Fabric CD?

    Thank you for your help Chipotle, but I don't have download capabilties, so I am stuck in a sense. Plus I don't actually have my own computra, I would like to hear these Kiss FM sets that SLingshot is mentioning, I own a couple, but I work with what I have =Hades= Simon check your email
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    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DICKNOSE. (aka "spinsah")

    I'm laughing to much to really say anything witty. Happy Bday spence, see you zeee weekend =Hades=
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    John Digweed to do Fabric CD?

    Re: Re: Will Diggers PLAY TECHNO????? well geeeeee, I never would have guessed that :rolleyes: I've loved Diggers for a long time, and mabye I am not as versed as you as to the many facets and gems that his crate may contain, but then again I love techno, and I don't got to alot of Big...
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    John Digweed to do Fabric CD?

    Will Diggers PLAY TECHNO????? I really hope this is good. I respect Digweed and all that he has done. Also from what I am understanding, though I haven't heard anything yet, in terms of the direction he has taken ( excuse my ignorance :P ) it's different then the "prog" of yesteryear, but IMO...
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    unless I am blind or this link is bringing me somewhere else, the stream she no exist??????? what happened to it? =Hades=
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    Question/advice re: landline phone service (Bell vs. Primus vs. Sprint vs. others???)

    The only one that I really know about is Sprint. Yes it is cheaper, but there are problems here and there with the switch over from Bell. Customer Service can be annoying and quite a long wait. But on the plus side if you are just looking for a "dial tone" it's gonna run ya 29.95/month...
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    Goodbye (again) Toronto!

    Till the months of snow....... Hope to see you in December Lynn Keep warm for all of us in the North =Hades=
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    cheer up jonsey and jesux thread

    Hey Jess, think of it this way, you can now spend some time on the patio like you've been wanting to all summer. Take a couple of days off, enjoy yourself. Think of it as a really wierd Bday present. =Hades=
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    Check out Hand2Hand Distribution. PM for the number =Hades=
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    I'm starting to like cats...

    My cat is the funnest thing in the world, I just wish he stopped being a attention seeker and walking on all four paws. Still he is my messenger, and likes water dripping on his head from the sink tap. =Hades=
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    Roommate Wanted: Oct. 1st DUFFERIN/BLOOR

    but we're not uptight members of the working world just yet. ;) I'm a bit uptight, but I am usually persuaded to look the other way on many things :) =Hades=
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    What is your Degree/Diploma?

    Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatre- Major in Acting. Sir Wilfred Grenfell College School of Fine Arts it's part of Memorial University of Newfoundland, except it's on the west coast of the Rock!!!!!!! where's it got me: pushing coffee for 2years and now Data entry-ish stuff =Hades=