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    brt under18

    ps. empty!!
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    brt under18

    HEY!!!!!!! F*CK OFF!!!!!!!!! i was actually thinking his and hers matchine nicknames... tell u laytah !! -christina-
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    Face The jury...

    how's that making really lame jokes workin out for ya ??? heheh ;) note: just playing, no need to get all crazy!
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    label whores. part II.

    zorro of vaginas?? hehe... i like that!!
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    Another thread about (un)ethical shopping.

    simple solution: only buy designer :D yes.. that's my excuse and im sticking to it!! what is made in italy is not made in sweatshops!!
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    label whores. part II.

    note: i am not actually considering doing this!! lol ... shaving symbols into your poon-hair is sooo west l.a. 3 years ago......
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    label whores. part II.

    yes, jay ... the best gift you ever gave me!!
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    Happy Birthday DIWC!!!!

    ewww no! she's old!! yesterday, maybe i would have but today, never!! ;)
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    label whores. part II.

    i'm getting this next time.
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    Guys: Need to make some money?

    i know someone PERFECT for the study!! ;) xoxo -c-
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    Happy Birthday DIWC!!!!

    i will not be a b*tch and try to (unsuccessfully might i add) ruin your bday thread - but i will say happy birthday :) xoxo under30
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    I just spilt coffee all......

    thierry! try careful cleaners at avenue & davenport (those two meet, right?) ....... or at yonge & lawrence <- prob. closer to you! they are gentle (hence the name... hardy har har) ... and works pretty well :) OR you could always just wear a bib in the mornings! I think that might...
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    Memes, humour, and originality

    SPEED!! mMmmm
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    Happy Birthday Peej :):)!!!

    happy bday! so you are the one responsible for the hideous colours of those walls, huh? hehe.. just playing..... happy birthday (belated?) ....... u are friends with my friends so u must be cool ;) (and also u know abt the dirt shirts! LOL) xoxo -c-
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    'appy birfday Voytekno!

    happy birthday :D somehow when i think of you i think of that romantic nyc DKNY picture :) hehe have a fun bday!! xoxo -c-
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    A date with Wally

    Anything for Sassy.
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    A date with Wally

    yes he is!! what did u wear val?? xoxo -c-
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    A wallet question.

    sunny... i already ordered mine ;) and as if u were in the area without calling me first! xoxo -c-
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    Should Lenny Wilkens be fired?

    i KNOW u didnt just say that!! DAMN!! jyd isnt only a wicked player, he also gives the energy that i feel vince once did...... playing for an audience if u will..... makes for greater entertainment at games :D
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    Should Lenny Wilkens be fired?

    also, JYD rocks and u better be taking what you said back!!!!!!!!!!!!