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    90's-00's Records for Sale - House / Electro / Trance / Hip Hop / Hardstyle / Euro

    Lots of records for sale, not looking to part up anything found in the lots below, but have a few singles for sale as well. Located near Queen West. Euro Dance / Euro Trance Singles Afrika Bambaataa Presents Khayan - Feel The Vibe (ZYX Music - ZYX 7573-12) - $5 Cascada - Miracle (Robbins...
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    FS: Bose Soundlink Mini 2 - Carbon Black - BNIB - $200

    Received this as a christmas gift, but already own one and don't have a receipt to exchange. BNIB, still sealed. Retails for $220+tax, looking to get $200.
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    FS: Maschine MK1 (LNIB - $300)

    Selling a Maschine MK1, like new in box. Purchased from L&M new for $585, barely used and stored in box in dry, non-smoking environment for the last couple of years. $300, cash deals only, meet downtown.
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    FS: PS3 (Slim 120GB) + Controller + 10 Games - $200

    Selling a Slim (120GB) PS3 with one controller, bluetooth headset and the following games: GTA V Dirt 3 Unchartered 2 Unchartered 3 infamous MAG Street Fighter 4 FIFA 12 Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Call of Duty: Black Ops
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    FS: Vestax VCI-100 w/ v1.4 firmware + Flight Case + Laptop Stand

    Like new VCI-100 for sale. This controller is in great condition, all buttons, knobs, faders, leds and jogs working. It has been upgraded to the DJTT 1.4 firmware which adds 4x the resolution on both the jogs and the faders as well as many other fixes that fix alot of the VCI's shortcomings...
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    FS: 2 tix to tonight TFC game (face value)

    Somethings come up and I cant go to tonights game. 2 tickets, section 225, right on the aisle (seats 1 and 2), selling for face at $35 each.
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    Any here using a seedbox service? I'm not on any private tracker sites, but I do a lot of torrent downloads and rogers packet shaping is pretty annoying when trying to download during the day. Theres so many different services out there, I was just wondering if anyone can recommend something...
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    Media Center on the cheap?

    So right now, I'm using my Nintendo Wii as a media center, which is horrible for all sorts of reasons, but mainly because I'm only getting 480p Video out of it. So I'm selling the Wii because thats really the only reason I've fired it up over the last year or two. But now the question is...
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    Needed: Dual CD Player

    I'm desperately looking for a dual CD player to use for Saturday night, L&M is conveniently closed for sunday and monday(family day) so they want to charge me until Tuesday for the rental. So does anyone here have a CD player I can use(rent) for one night? I don't need CDJ's, any CD player will...
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    Diablo II - Lord of Destruction

    So after the announcemnt of Diablo III, I decided to rekindle my love affiar with one of my fav games of all time, Diablo II. Unfortunatly, after a lapse in judgement, I lost my D2 expansion cd key, and now i cant play my account anymore... I dont suppose anyone has a dusty old copy kicking...
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    LF: Bartender this Saturday night (July 19)

    I've got a wedding to cater on Saturday and I'm having trouble finding a competent bartender whos available to work. We generally prefer a female bartender, but at this point I just need someone whos experienced and knows how to run a bar solo.
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    BRT: Foodies or Newfies, help needed!

    I'm trying to find some fiddleheads in the city, I missed the season this year and now am stuck trying to find some frozens I guess. Anyone know where I might be able to find some?
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    Searching for IR Lasers or LEDs in toronto

    Anyone know where to pick up some Infrared lasers or IR Illuminators downtown? I'd rather purchase a ready made illuminator than create one myself (circuits were never my thing), but if I cant find that or an IR laser, then I need to find some wide angle, 850nm IR LEDs for a project I'm...
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    ntorrents.net invite

    Anyone here on ntorrents? I've been trying to get on that site for ages now, they opened up registration for like 6 hours a few weeks ago and I just barely missed the cutoff >.< Anyone got a spare invite kicking around?
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    So I just rescued some kittens... help needed.

    Kalinda and I were just lounging around watching TV when we heard some cries coming from outside in the rain. At first I thought it was birds, but quickly realized that it was actually kittens... soaking wet under my patio crying. After a quick rescue mission, which involved unscrewing...
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    Macintosh Torrents?

    Im trying to find a copy of Dreamweaver on OSX for a friend. Unfortunatly, not being a mac user, I'm having a hard time finding a nice mac torrent site. Anyone got any recommendations(or invites) to sites to check out? Much thanks...
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    pot march

    anyone? anyone? bueller?
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    A trip is being made to pop a Venue cherry tonight(tommorow morn). This should get interesting. Anyone else going to be there? We've got a solid 5 or 6 recruited already, and a facebook group of people just itching to go.
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    LF: Vision Aggressor 2 skateboard

    I know this is a super longshot, but I'm looking for a deck to cruise around on this summer, and I need to find this badboy. Anyone got one picking up dust in a garage somewhere?
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    Retox birthday madness (HaliBubba + exrboy + some non tribers)

    I'm not above posting a roll call for an event I'm playing at, cause I'd be there for sure anyways. Theres 4 amazing people celebrating a birthday, two of them beloved tribers, exrboy(benny) and HaliBubba(Hal), and its certainly going to be a night of post st. patties shenanigans. Let's hope...