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    The Liberal Leadership Race

    Re: I like Dion ,because when he was in Chretien's cabinet as well as at the last liberal goverment, he was always fighting for difficult causes. He's a fighter and he's not afraid to defend his news on public forums. He's frequently asked to debate with other parties on tv. Some of you may...
  2. K

    Government: 0 Opposition: 1

    Lol The liberals made it clear when they would call an election. The opposition parties engineered some scheme to make it look like it was the liberal's fault. It din't work.
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    Martin SAYS: Pot Bill to be Revived...

    RE: Don't you find it harsh to give people criminal records for having a toke? Booze does a whole lot more damage to society yet its legal... I think you know where this conversation is leading.....
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    why does music make us feel good

    RE: Music.. especially loud music.. gives you an adrenaline rush(more so for men). It was meant to protect us from danger. Maybe we just learned to harness this drug threw all the rituals relating to music(dancing.. listening to music.. performing.. or whatever). On that note.. I...
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    Producers who rock your boat right now

    RE: His production work is much better under his alias has Henrry Cullen. KMB
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    KMB "A step below classy..." Feb / 2005

    RE: Wow.. over 30 downloads.. and not even hate mail for feedback! :) Feel free to email me @ KMB_X@hotmail.com This is the last bump.. KMB
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    Mike Conradi - 45min of a techno teaser

    RE: I really love those phat kick drums he uses. KMB
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    KMB "A step below classy..." Feb / 2005

    RE: To those of you who did download it. What did you think? I forgot to mention this is a techno set(hope this wasn't a disapointing supprise ;) ). Feedback would be really appreacited! Thanks KMB
  9. K

    KMB "A step below classy..." Feb / 2005

    CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD!!! I recorded this set earlier this year. I am presently working on another one. Feedback would be appreciated. Thanks KMB
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    NDP deal could bail out Martin

    I like to think you square heads still know exacly what it its I am trying to express. :)
  11. K

    NDP deal could bail out Martin

    The Bloc as everthing to gain. The support for the liberals in Quebec as dropped dramatically. Having the Conservatives in power would anger Quebec wich in turn would help the seperatist cause.
  12. K

    Parliment ready to fall

    RE: I would prefer the Liberals in power or the NDP even but thats not likely to happen in the next election. If the conservatives do end up in power. I hope to god it is as a minority goverment. KMB
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    Parliment ready to fall

    Re: Re: RE: I apologise. KMB
  14. K

    Parliment ready to fall

    RE: Agreed. Lets take away all the benefits of being an heterosexual that homosexuals don't have. Dumb ass KMB
  15. K

    Wondering what we sound like on the east coast?

    RE: Where are you from? KMB
  16. K

    Wondering what we sound like on the east coast?

    RE: *cough* ..mine.. *cough cough* ;) Here are some recommendations by genre. Techno - Jay Hamilton (Deus Ex Machina) House - Isis, Sound Syster.. Prog House - Bolivia, Sean Keating Breaks - Matt Anaka DnB - Phenatik
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    Wondering what we sound like on the east coast?

    Ever wondered what we sound like on the east coast? www.easterntables.com Mixes from a variety of known maritimes dj's! KMB