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    FS: 2xCDJ1000's & 1xDJM 800

    All Sold.
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    FS: 2xCDJ1000's & 1xDJM 800

    Selling two CDJ-1000 (original models) and one DJM-800. They're just covered up and not being used, have left my house maybe twice for a house party. Perfect condition, nothing wrong with them, I'll just likely never use them again at home. Asking $2780 (o.b.o) (Cash only, not shipping...
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    Dell Latitude D810 Notebook

    (can't figure out where to edit) email: notebook at nivec.net
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    Dell Latitude D810 Notebook

    Selling my notebook (got a macbook instead). Intel Pentium M 1.73GHz 1GB RAM 60GB 7200RPM HD ATI Mobility Radeon x600 128MB CDRW WUXGA+ 15.4" (Native 1920x1200) Built-in Bluetooth Adapter 802.11b/g WIFI $800.00
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    How to surf blocked sites at work

    Got Cable/DSL at home? Setup OpenVPN at home, use TCP port 443. OpenVPN is an SSL VPN, running UDP or TCP (use TCP) and specify port 443. Setup the vpn client on your computer at work (if you're allowed). Make an SSL connection to your home computer on port 443 (encrypted with openvpn), get...
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    So you're saying the current role Canada is playing is typical of Canada (based on previous deployments of Canadian Troops) and anyone who joined the army knew damn well they'd end up in a place where they are now? No where did I say he didn't want to be deployed as a soldier, he didn't want...
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    Naive? hahahah ok champ. He signed up LONG before Canada was sent into Afghanistan on it's current mission. So just how exactly was he suppose to know this was the roll Canada was going to end up with when he joined the army.
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    My friends younger brother. Who basically knew in August he wasn't coming home the same, mentally (given) or physically. When he signed up, it was for peacekeeping, in August, he didn't want to go and it was pretty heart wrenching for my friend. Watching his younger brother who after only...
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    GTA Hockey Leagues

    Any of you play in ice hockey leagues or just pick-up games in the downtown area? I'd prefer some second hand knowledge rather than just showing up based on information found online and over the phone. I'm interested in starting hockey again this year. thanks,
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    MSN Messenger, minus all the garbage

    To turn tabs off -> Tools -> Options -> Security -> Select 'This is a shared computer so don't display my tabs'
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    Wireless Home Music System.

    Roku Soundbridge, love it. Works with iTunes or Windows Media Connect. Streams wireless or wired from your comp, also plays online radio stations directly. www.rokulabs.com
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    ** These Beatz ** Sean Collier - House mix

    Nice mix Sean, I like it.
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    Air Canada’s new non-stop service to the left.

    The 321s aren't considered new seats. Those god aweful green seats will be gone on the 321s that they're keeping, but those are definitely not the 'new' seats AC is using in their fleet overhaul. I personally hate those seats and avoid 321's if I can. They're hard as rock.
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    Noise complaints within a house

    In a house situation where the house has been split into separate living quarters and rented out individually, can you call the police with noise complaints? Noise coming through the walls/floors, yet if you were to stand outside, you can't hear it, it's not disturbing anyone else outside of...
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    I'm sure many of you are into Yoga, I'm curious what got you started, and what it's done for you?
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    So. . . what TV should I buy?

    720p displays 720 lines in one sweep, 1080i displays 540 lines in one sweep, thus requiring two sweeps to display the picture. 720p is great for sports, a few of the big networks broadcast in 720p, some in 1080i. Since sports are fast moving, progressive scan will appear more clear as it can...
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    website costs? avg?

    Don't know if that's outrageous, but you pay for what you get. I've seen people try and spend $3000 on a site and end up spending $25,000 trying to get it done. They ended up trying 3 different people because each one of them basically ripped them off, gave them garbage for their $3000 and...
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    Friday Sex Thread: What's your favorite sex toy?

    As if nobody has posted the FL.
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    Hockey Pool

    What a pain to find out who is or isn't going to start on a particular night. I STILL haven't found anything about what happened to Zetterberg or Frolov online. Trying to figure out what happened, and what's going to happen (for example tonight) seems to be extremely difficult unless you...
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    Hockey Pool

    Where can I find this stuff, Google didn't help me after about 15 minutes of searching/reading.