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  1. J

    Funky house and techno all vinyl

    Just did a new mix today. Has some great old tunes and a few newer ones. All mixed on the old 1200's . Titled "ULTRA FLAVOR" A great driving mix methinks. It's a little short as I ran out of hard drive space. tracklisting 1. Heller and Farley - Ultra Flavor 2. South of Roosevelt -...
  2. J

    NEW, OLD, MIX. JOHNNY B RAD 100% vinyl on the fly

    Just put up a dirty little funker of mix. A few different styles to tap your toes to! Johnny b rad's sounds on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free Titled "ALL OVER" Thanks for listening
  3. J

    Annie's FUn Key

    It has been quite a while since I last posted a track in progress. This last one I've been puttering around with for way to long. Fairly simple tune but it makes my toes tap. Hope it does the same for you guys. Please have a listen and feel free to comment on this and any other tunes on my...
  4. J

    Fresh new track, with Obama sample

    Hey folks, been working on this track for the past little while. It has a funky, break beat and a Barak Obama sample. Quite a few layers going on as well. It is titled "Fired Up" and if you guys get a chance, please have a listen and let me know what you think. Link...
  5. J

    I made a new one "Shame On You"

    Had been working on a few new tunes lately and just wanted to share my latest efforts on a George Bush -esque tune titled "Shame on You" Please have a listen and all feedback is appreciated. Cheers!
  6. J

    Old School @ Footwork

    Apparently we got there at the right time because the place got pretty damn full by 11:30 ish. The tunes were good, Robb G threw down some wicked classics, Tim Patrick rocked out with the real jazz but his set seemed short, too bad as he is wicked. Chris Sheppard was ok, he could've played some...
  7. J

    The Jelo Show

    Hard ass beats all night long. Jelo and Calvertron rocked it. Great selection. I liked how they went back to back for a few hours and really kept the energy up. The beats were dirty!
  8. J

    NEW TRACK... DIRTY GRIND looking for input

    hello folks I just put up a new track that I've been spending some time on. It is titled the "Dirty Grind" and is a slow-ish throbber that I hope some ears will enjoy. Any reviews or comments are much appreciated. Please have a listen http://www.myspace.com/johnnybrad cheers!
  9. J

    Rancid ... Today!

    Stoked for the show tonight, I don't have tickets but I hope to pick some up. Saw them about a year and a half ago and they were awesome. Who's going?
  10. J

    Johnny 'B' Rad * SUMMER BLISS *

    Groovy new mix for those warm summer nights and hot days ahead. Sits around 129 - 133bpm. All vinyl on the fly. I hope you guys have a listen and enjoy the summer beats. Nothing really new on here but oldies are goodies. JOHNNY 'B' Rad "Summer Bliss" TRACKLIST 1. Shafunkers - the pact...
  11. J

    Anyone have a portable air conditioner? Need info

    I was just curious if anyone has ever used or owned a portable air con? Are they easy to move around? Are they easy to vent out a window? How expensive on the energy bill? Is it better to just use a window mounted unit? Please help!
  12. J

    recommend some monitors for around $200

    I am looking for some powered monitors between 200-$250. What are you guys using? I want to plug them into my new firebox! Cheers
  13. J

    F1 Racing

    So I am a formula One junkie. Can't wait to scoop up some tix to the Montreal GP. I am a huge Raikkonen fan, stoked that he won this year. Anyone else a fan? I know there are a few on the board. Who wants to talk F1?
  14. J

    Good wings in London?

    Are the any? I've been to St.Louis, they were ok but I need some better hot sauce. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I luv chicken wangs!
  15. J

    does anyone use battery 3?

    Just picked up Battery 3 today, everything is good to go but I can't figure out how to play the pattern. When I click on individual cells they trigger that particular sound, but I can't figure out how to play the whole pattern. I know this is dumb question and probably super easy to do, but why...
  16. J

    London tribers?

    I moved to london back in june. I was kicking it in the happening city of Guelph for wayyy to long. So the g/f and I got a nice place, been digging it so far... but... I don't know a lot of peeps here. I was just wondering how many tribers are in london? I love to spin house and techno...
  17. J

    Looking For F1 Grand Prix 06 For Psp (english Edition)

    anyone know where to find f1 grand prix 06 for psp??? i can't find any f1 games for it, but i do know they're out there.
  18. J

    Johnny 'b' Rad "summer Heat"

    Ok folks, the long weekend is here. Going on a roadtrip? Need a mix of some fun funky house and breaks to get the wheels in motion? Here we go... Johnny B Rad SUMMER HEAT 1.Groove Armada - I see you baby - fatboy slim mix 2.Dj ICEY - BEATS 2 3.A. Castella - dubbing, so good 4.Sergio...
  19. J

    A Bomb On The Train???

    So tonight I was taking the train from London to Guelph. Everything starts off normal, the train leaves london around 8:15 and heads east towards St. Mary's, Stratford, Kitchener etc etc. About half an hour into it, the train goes through st. mary's without stopping. People on the train find...
  20. J

    question about record orders from UK

    just wondering if anyone has ordered records from JUNO.uk ?? Or anywhere overseas? how much would the shipping be on 5-10 records, without any express. just regular mail? thanks