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    Mastering for live pa's

    Anyone have any advise on mastering a live pa? I use ableton live, so i could use effects on the master channel, or i could potentially go the hardware route if that is going to be a better choice. I'm looking to be able to get the best sound possible regardless of the sound system i'm playing...
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    Songs that always get stuck in your head.

    I seem to get Sarah Harmer's 'Coffee Stains' stuck in my head more then any other song. What songs do you guys always get stuck in your head?
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    French Electro dance craze mini-documentary.

    interesting video on the electro dance craze going on in france. some pretty sick moves. http://current.com/items/89103794/french_dance_craze.htm enjoy.
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    A question for the campers (regarding Algonquin)

    I've got a question for any Tribe campers out there. I'm thinking of putting an Algonquin trip together over the summer, with the intention of hitting Eustache Lake to climb the cliffs the lake is lined with. However, it looks like the only options for getting to the lake are to either go...
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    I ate lunch with stephen harper yesterday

    well....not exactly, but he was in the same restaurant at the same time. Some co-workers and I went to Virgil's BBQ near time square for lunch yesterday, and when we get seated, we noticed that there were 4 or 5 security goons keeping a very watchful eye on the room. Obviously someone...
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    Max Breslow - Room Raider. Techno Live PA.

    Recorded live on Jan 25th, 2009. Bangin, driving techno. Check it out: Max Breslow - Room Raider live PA comments welcomed and appreciated.
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    Max Breslow - Live PA demo

    Recorded last week, here is a 48 minute version of my new live pa for the techno room to enjoy. http://www.maxbreslow.com/sets/MaxBreslow-LivePAdemo_Jan09.mp3 Keep an eye out for some new stuff coming out on Diplomatik later this year. Enjoy Max
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    FLStudio and Mac

    So I'm starting to get my new macbook setup for audio. On my windows machine, i've always used FLStudio for creating loops. Since I've been using the program for years, I've got my workflow down to a science. Unfortunately FLStudio does not make a version for Mac. Has anyone run FLStudio...
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    1600 Electronic Music Records - All Genres!

    just posting this for a friend that isn't on the board (so don't pm me, there is an email at the end of the post): $3200 or best offer. This massive record collection contains approximately 1,600 12"s, LPs, 10"s and 7"s from all genres of electronic music (most from the mid/late 90s, up to...
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    RIP Oscar Peterson

    Oscar Peterson died last night of kidney failure at the age of 82. :( CBC Obituary rip Mr. Peterson.
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    Pocket Accessories

    this thread is all about pocket accessories; knives, lighters, pocket watches, cigarette cases, etc etc. What do you guys carry with you at all times? currently i've always got my Kershaw Clive pocket knife and my Colibri Quantum Revolution butane lighter (the one of the left)...
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    Current TV did an interesting and very disturbing report on waterboarding, including putting one of the hosts through this torture. definatly worth watching. check it here
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    Colin McRae killed in helicopter crash.

    i am incredibly saddened by this. http://www.smh.com.au/news/motorsport/former-world-champions-helicopter-crashes-in-scotland/2007/09/16/1189881318405.html Top rally driver killed in chopper crash British former world rallying champion Colin McRae was believed to have been killed in...
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    xkcd - halarious web comic.

    i'm sure people have seen this before, but its new to me. more
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    Photosynth Demo

    http://www.ted.com/index.php/talks/view/id/129 one of the coolest things i've seen in a while.
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    No pot during passover

    From Reuters No hash matzos? Wed Mar 28, 2007 4:41PM EDT JERUSALEM (Reuters) - Marijuana is not kosher for Passover, a pro-cannabis advocacy group says, advising Jews who observe the week-long holiday's special dietary laws to take a break from smoking the weed. The Green Leaf Party...
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    not posting. help.

    okay, sooo......a month or two ago, my main machine went down, and since i've been crazy busy, i've put off fixing it. here is the story: the machine was being a bit weird, having some odd graphics issues (not allowing me to use my default resolution settings) and losing connectivity to my...
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    a question for the graphic designers.

    I just got to my parents house, and i'm playing around with illustrator cs2 on my dad's mac. I use windows at home, and in the win version of cs2, the Auto Trace tool still exists. however on this version, auto trace has been replaced by Live Trace. Does the old auto trace still exist? I...
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    rogers wireless technical difficulties.

    is anyone on rogers wireless getting technical difficulties messages when they make a call? my phone is roaming on the rogers network, and i keep getting this message, but i'm not sure if its because of the fact that im roaming, or if the network is actually fucked up. anyone? bueller?
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    Cock In a Box

    If you're still trying to figure out what to give your gf this christmas, check this out. Cock in a Box