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    Buying skincare on ebay?

    i LOVE my dermalogica moisturizer, however it is approx. $70 regular price and i just don't feel like spending that much on a moisturizer (originally got it for 40% off), no matter how amazing it may be. i found a seller on ebay with very positive feedback who is selling it for around $45...
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    *Wild Beasts @ the Horseshoe*

    some of you might care about this: they're here feb. 22nd. 15 bones. should be good.
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    Florence and the Machine

    Mod Club, Nov. 2. tix on sale tomorrow. SO EXCITED!!!!! :D
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    Roommate needed for July 1 - Queen/Bathurst $700

    save me from some of the craigslist wierdos who have been emailing me!!!!!! My current roommate is moving in with her boyfriend so I am hoping to find another great roommate to share my apartment. I love this place and would really hate to have to give it up. And the location can't be beat...
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    External hard drive not working

    Can anyone tell me why my external hard drive will not show up on my computer when i turn it on now? How do I fix it? It was fine before and I've had it less than a year. It was doing this before I was able to format it correctly, but I sorted that out and it was fine ever since, until the...
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    "Giant Spider Forced Us Out of Our Home"

    so, i was listening to the BBC this morning and this story came on the news, which i thought was a joke at first. i don't blame the mom for vacating the house. i would be the first one out of there! *shudder* hey - isn't this how "arachnaphobia" started? (i can't watch that movie)...
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    The Verve @ Ricoh Colisseum

    well, i'm too hyper to go to sleep even though i have to be up in 6 hours, so what better way to put off going to sleep than to write a review? that was the best concert i've ever been to, bar none. you know when you hype something up to yourself and it can never meet your expectations? i...
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    Danny Howells Dig Deeper @ Stereo March 28

    woot la woot!!!! i guess i'll go. ;)
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    Camden Market Fire

    http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/7237455.stm#map wah! i love this place and i used to live 5 min from there. :(
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    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to one of my favourite people! :D :D :D i hope you are enjoying your day off. i think we managed to cram in the equivalent of the usual 3 weeks of celebrations into one weekend...at least i feel like we did! thanks for being such a totally awesome person and here's to...
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    Black Rebel Motorcycle Club @ Kool Haus

    i don't usually review concerts on here, but i am still in awe of just how good this show was last night! it was honestly the best concert that i've ever been to in my life. i was completely blown away by the performance. i brought a friend with me who hadn't ever heard them properly, apart...
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    ~ DANNY HOWELLS Dig Deeper @ Stereo ~

    before i begin, let it be noted that my 24th time of seeing mr. howells was on may 2-4 weekend. coincidence? well - ok, yeah, probably. we arrived at stereo around 2:30 - doors opened at 2:00, where they told us that the club "wasn't ready yet" (???), so we couldn't go in. so, we waited in...
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    Rent Question! Help!!!

    I just got home to a note from my landlord (who is also my roommate. ugh) saying she needs to increase my rent by $85, which according to my horrible math is around 15%. so...i just looked up the ontario landlord and tennant act and found this: "The landlord must give you at least 90 days'...
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    Eye Cream

    so, i just went in to MAC and found out that their Moisture Feed eye cream has been discontinued. :mad: therefore, i am in the market for a new product. i'm looking for something that is in the $30 - 35 price range and my main concern is moisturizing. i'm not worried about dark circles or...
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    ~ Happy Birthday AdRiaN! ~

    happy birthday to my favourite "representative of her majesty the queen!" (no, i will never stop laughing about that) :p i hope that you had an awesome time with all of the festivities this weekend and that work is not too rough tomorrow! thanks for being such a fantastic friend, and...
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    Danny Howells @ The Boom Boom Room

    wow. well, after reading the sander reviews, i feel that the ordeal we went through to get to windsor was nothing comapred to that! to give you some idea, we left toronto at 6:15 and didn't get to milton until 8:30 due to a collision on the 401, which closed down a portion of the highway. we...
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    Danny Howells @ Aria

    danny(!) reverse doubleheader part deux! after a long drive, and some serious st. sulpice drinking action, we arrived at aria last night around 3:30/4:00 am to a fairly slow moving line up to get in. however, all of the people in line were apparently going to the hip hop room upstairs, cos...
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    Happy Birthday AdRiaN!!!

    enjoy this last year before you'll have to relocate to prehistoric world. :p i hope only one weekend of celebrations (instead of 3) is enough for you this year!
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    danny howells "choice" cd

    because we haven't had a danny thread in a while...i stole this from gu. ;) Source: 365mag Danny Howells is the latest DJ to be selected to mix a Choice album. The British-born DJ joins a host of legendary artists such as Jeff Mills, Louie Vega, Derrick Carter, Francois Kervorkian, Tony...
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    desyn masiello interview on RA

    http://www.residentadvisor.net/feature_view.asp?ID=678 one of the most candid interviews i've read in a while lol.