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    Ooh la la.

    Hmm... so who else is melting from the heat of Goldfrapp's new single? In my opinion, they have yet to go wrong. Hot.
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    Kiss + Swallow... my fave album of the year so far... anyone else enjoy it?
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    Nina Hagen @ Unity II in Montreal

    WOW!!!!!!!! 2 hours of the ever fabulous Nina. I swear to god, her face looks as fresh and wrinkle-free as it did when she was in her 20's... and she had no plastic surgery. Everything from "New York, New York", to a gorgeous version of "Ave Maria"(where Nina's fantastic vocal range...
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    MUTEK Week ! ! wow ! !

    Plastikman & Andrew Weatherall @ MUTEK I just got home from this event... I really had an amazing time. Ritchie pulled it off this time, he could have gone overboard at certain moments but didn't. He kept it together both musically and visually. Through the years Ritchie has always been hit...
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    London's Burning.

    Alright, the Tiga track by that name seems like the ultimate "circuit anthem '. I love it but that's all I can think everyting I am listening to it, like now. Anyone agree/disagree?
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    Emmanuel Top.

    I have been a huge fan of this man's brilliance for qiute sometime, just wondering who else here enjoy's his work. Also, if any of you have listened to/purchased his latest "Mars", what did you think? I loved it!
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    Ellen Alien!!

    I am so excited!! A friend gave me a flyer for her visit to Montreal next week, she is playing the "Overdose" night at Parking. Anyone here coming to Montreal to see her?
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    Scissor Sisters!!!!!!!!

    I am so excited about this show, I can't wait... and to think it's a day before my b-day!!
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    Kraftwerk in Montreal.

    What a great show! I have never been the biggest fan, more of a Can fan but I have to hand it to them. It was classy, interesting, the song selection was great. The songs of the night were definitely "Pocket Calculator" and "Radioactivity". When the robots came out everyone freaked, I...
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    Mr. Fong! Mr. Fong!

    Hello babe, just wanted to post a quick hello since I am never on here anymore. -E xo
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    Baby Ford - Basking In The Brakelights

    Well, this was recently released by Force Inc. My copy is coming in soon, can't wait to hear it!! So, I want to know if anyone else has listened to it yet. If so, what did you think? -E
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    Mofo I hate/love you!

    Mofo I love you! From one "M" to another, you will bever be forgotten *wipes tear*
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    Carol Pope - All Touch(Hatiras Mix)

    Alright, where the hell can I get a copy of this? I am like the only person I know that loves it of my friends that hasn't tracked down a copy. HELP ME FIND ONE!!! :)
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    Ancient Egypt on TLC Right Now!!

    These are not the typically covered tales... so fascinating. Finally something that doesn't involve Tutankhamun(sp?).
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    Le Tigre!!

    Finally got to see them and they were lots of fun. I must say that Montreal locals Les Georges Leningrad were so fucking good!! Decepticon of course got the most applauds but they opened with their cover of Pointer Sister's "Excited" and it that really took the cake. It rocked. -E
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    I Am Moving To Montreal!!!!

    The company I work for finally approved my transfer to our Montreal office. I am beyond excited. I move for the weekend of January 3rd. It will honestly be a happy new year for me! I can't wait, to be in the city I love with my friends and nights out/events with decent music that I...
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    Trash Palace: Sex on The Beach 12" Remixes

    Hello Everyone, I have finally tracked this sucker down on cd single so I no longer have a need for the 12". All Trash Palace releases are next to impossible to get, too bad because they rock!! This 12" has remixes by Playgroup(Trevor Jackson) & The Juan Mclean(DFA Records). It's in...
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    Skin! New Show on Tonight.

    It's so Aaron Spelling but addictive already! Anyone else watching?
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    What the hell is "progressive" about progressive?

    I mean, what the hell is progressive anyway? How can you define that? That's like calling someone a Mod instead of a 60's revivalist. If you were a Mod of today, you would be all about technology in fashion, art, music, life in general. Not wearing clothes and living a retro existance...
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    Velvet Goldmine Is On Show Case!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    YAY!!!!!!!!! Jack Fairy character in this film is THE quintessential glamazon. YUM!!!!!!!!!!