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    FS: BED and DESK

    Sauder Executive Desk with L extenstion and Hutch $800+ new, I'm asking $350 Double Bed with boxspring and metal frame, Sealy suprapedic Adelade $500+ new, I'm asking $200 PM me or email me at 'dave upgrade at gmail dot com' (no spaces or underscores) I'm in KW but am willing to deliver...
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    Dennis Hahn in the Purple Room (Revolution) KW Dec 2nd

    I had a blast. Sorry I didn't get to stay in the Purple room all night like I would have loved to but a few friends had ex boyfriend drama that had to be attended to in the main room. I get the feeling that there is always drama in that room! As always, I loved Dennis's set. It's awesome when...
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    LF: 256MB 168 pin DIMM

    Wanted: a 168 pin DIMM 133 speed 3.3 volt 256MB capacity and a height of 38mm or less.
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    FS: Akai MPC 2000XL

    I'm selling a perfect condition Akai mpc 2000 xl midi production center and sampler. This unit was bought brand new and has literly seen less than 15 hours of use. There are no scratches anywhere and it is in perfect working order. I'm asking $1300 I have the original disk and manual being...
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    Female roomate wanted in LA

    My girlfriend is currently looking to move and is sharing the following accomodations in Westwood L.A. with 2 Horrible and annyoning female UCLA students... and 1 nice one. If you like girls that talk about you behind your back, leave a mess everywhere and then blame you for it, keep you up all...
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    Paris shares all types of music in the streets

    This was sent to me via my dad who figured this would be a cool way to spend a weekend in Paris regardless of musical preference and might be fun to play at someday. I thought I would share the article with fellow music and travel lovers for those who may not know about this...
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    John 00 Fleming @ Avalon NYC (May 6th 05)

    This past Friday night was my first time to Avalon in NYC. Aparently its the same space as the former limelight. Since I was back in town for the weekend for mothers day I figured I would try and find something to do on this random friday evening. Just my luck that JooF was playing! :) Got...
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    Mardi Gras 2.0 (2005)

    Well this was my second mardi gras in as many years and truely had a blast once again. It's not hard to have a good time in a place thats nice and warm (compared to here), encourages drinking at hour of the day, encourages showing breasts and lets you wear multi-coloured beads without...
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    midi issue

    I'm looking for something that will essentially act like a midi thru that will allow me to transmit midi out to numerous peices of gear. My problem is that none of my gear has a through midi channel and I therefore can not get all of the sh*t hooked up the way I want. Is there something out...
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    NYE@ IKON NYC with Paul van Dyk

    My friends and I headed into the chaos that was times sqaure for the ball drop. As we got within 6 blocks of the square we realized there was no way in hell we were going to get anywhere even close without using a helicopter, or lots of ninja ropes. I heard the next morning that estimates for...
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    MAC address question. plz help.

    where on my laptop could I expect to find my MAC address? I figured it would be on the bottom but I can't for the life of me remember which one of those 200 numbers down there it is.
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    I'm looking forward to NYE a lot right now! :D
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    Hillary Duff - How old is she?

    Alright tonight we watched A Cinderella Story and it came into debate what Hillary Duff's age is. (i am embarassed to admit i rented the movie. but regardless) is she 16? 17? 18? and who would tap her? :D
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    Dumonde @ docks/ Destiny

    I just wanted to get this thread up and going since its been hours since this amazing night finished up and still no sign of a review. The back room had some serious sound issues and I gave up pretty quickly trying to enjoy myself back there. The system in the main room was much better but...
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    Housemate wanted Dufferin and Bloor

    Housemate Wanted Large Bedroom, $485/month including utilities -Looking for clean housemate to share 3-bedroom apartment with two students -Large bedroom, rooftop patio, can split high-speed internet -Located on Dufferin & Bloor, near Dufferin station, mall, library, laundry all...
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    Studio Headphones

    ok I'm in the market for a new pair of headphones (we can't always pound our music through monitors at every hour of the night now can we?) So far the main ones I'm looking at are the AKG K271 Studio's If any of you have any experience with them or know of another 'comparable' pair then please...
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    Gear review website

    I'm looking for a good website posting reviews of gear. The two toys in question are the Roland fantom x-6 and the Roland mc909. your personal reviews are very welcome too if you have any, please keep in mind these will be used for live pa as well as production. thanks, Dave
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    that "prog mixes should have 100 tracks in an hour" post?

    where did that that "prog mixes should have 100 tracks in an hour" post get to? Who was it posted by?
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    Maybe its just that I haven't been posting as much recently this summer or on sundays in general, but is this sunday slower than others? Is everyone still recovering from the friday / sat nights? Page one is barely moving. there must be maybe 15 people posting across all of the forums.
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    'Unofficial Wendy's Spokesperson' Rant

    I've started getting more and more aggrivated that the stupid 'Unofficial Wendy's Spokesperson' guy keeps reffering to himself as being unofficially with Wendy's.... THE GUY IS IN THIER F***ING COMMERCIALS, HE'S OBVIOUSLY 'OFFICIALLY' WITH WENDY'S!!!!!! Who is writing this script? damn I...