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    FS: Modern glass table, vintage-y chair, etc.

    Hi all, So I STILL own too much furniture and am again selling some of it. Pick-up only unless otherwise noted. Everything is from a smoke-free, pet-free home. Also, any reasonable offers will be considered. First up is a modern, glass dining table for $120. The chairs are not included. The...
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    DJ Sega @ Blak

    Un-believable. I think I said that word at least a dozen times that night. This kid (I think Ben mentioned he's like 19) was amazing. Okay the venue leaves a little (maybe a lot) to be desired. And I may have been one of the oldest people in there, but the music was crazy and the crowd was...
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    Property Taxes, HALP ME!

    I bought a condo years ago and I received my omit/supplemental bill from last year as well as a bunch of other blue bills that I paid right away on time. Then in February I got a green bill in the mail and I paid the first installment on time. From what I understood there are 5 more...
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    Lululemon & T5S top, Matt & Nat and Miss Sixty purse, etc.

    Alright so I'm selling some more stuff and posting a few things that didn't go last time. Please post in here if you're interested as my PM box is almost full, but you can PM me if you must. Lululemon top, it's probably a 4 - $35 I think it's meant for outdoor running. It is that wick away...
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    Furniture FS: Modern glass table, vintagey chair and more

    Hi all, So I've decided I own too much furniture and I'm selling some of it. Pick-up only unless otherwise noted. First up is a modern, glass dining table for $150. The chairs are not included. The height is 30 and a half inches and the width (diameter) of the glass is 35 and a half inches...
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    Durham region tribers represent!?!

    Hola fellow Durhamites. S'up? So I'm back home (aka Whitby) for a few weeks and seeing as the few people I kept touch with from highschool got the hell out of dodge and I'm not tons interested in getting back in touch with the rest, how y'all doing? Anyone want to go for drinks later tonight...
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    Gay friendly spas in Ontario or Quebec

    I realize I may not get a lot of answers, but it can't hurt really. I was hoping to do a spa-type getaway with some friends a lot later in the year and a few of them are gay. Do most spas give a crap about homos? Is it a better bet to visit spas in the city (eg. Toronto, Montreal or Quebec...
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    FS - Ladies clothing: miss sixty purse, & tops and skirts

    Hi all...so this is my first time selling clothes on here so hope it works. If you want to try things on you can @ King & Yonge or King & Bay. Everything is basically a size small, unless otherwise noted. Here goes. Preloved sweater - $10 Preloved shirt - $10 Anne Hung skirt - $20...
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    Girls Adidas and Elle shoes for sale

    Hi ladies. I don't wear these shoes so I'm unloading them. Please post in this thread if you're interested and I'll PM you back. Hope the photos show up. I think they are both size 7.5, I'll check at home and confirm in this thread later. If you want to try them on you can do so at either...
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    Gifts for bosses and support staff

    Just curious if people generally get these for their various co-workers, specifically people you report to and people that support you. I never have but have been thinking about doing it this year. Nothing expensive, just maybe magazines or candles, stuff I know they like but don't usually buy...
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    Scroll Wheel in Firefox

    So I just got a new mouse for my work computer and the scroll wheel doesn't work in Firefox. Clearly not the end of the world, but I'd rather not use I.E. How do I fix it? I called Tech Support, but I'm not even supposed to have it on my computer and my tech support friends gave it to me, but...
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    Video calling on cell phones

    HELP! Can I even get this service in Canada? I've been on the rogers website and the Nokia one but I'm just confusing myself more. My dad is insistent that I get one of these as he hasn't seen me in a long while and I'm not making it out to the home country for at least a year and a half...
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    BRT - madnezz's number

    hi all, anyone have her number and can PM me with it? thanks, m
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    FS: Daft Punk ticket $75

    If I can sell my ticket I'm not going to go (look at that logic!). I'm trying to finish my essay so I'd just rather pass. If anyone wants it PM me.
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    I *have* to leave my job...

    It just dawned on me today that I will never forgive myself if I stay in my current position in this company. My boss is a twat. Seriously. She's not the asshole manager I once had, but she's definitely not brilliant either. I'm totally underappreciated and I'm going to leave. Yes, I...
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    Pantages Spa

    Has anyone been to this spa for any services? I'm looking to get my friend a gift certificate or pedicure service (specifically). I'm thinking about Pantages or Stillwater. Basically, I'd like it to be near her work (Queen and Sherbourne) or her house (Dupont and Bloor). I feel like...
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    MPEG files and PAL & NTSC issues

    Hi all....just wondering if viewing an MPEG file that being projected on a presentation screen, does NTSC and PAL compatibility come into play at all? I think no. But just want to check what others think. If I'm missing information in my question, or if it doesn't make sense please let me...
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    Stuff for sale: Ikea Chair, towel hooks, etc.

    Hi all....I have some random stuff for sale and I'll update this thread bit by bit. Everything is pretty much pick up only, unless noted otherwise. I am pet free and don't smoke and take decent care of stuff...so yeah. First thing up for sale is a silver IKEA chair. I bought it years ago...
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    Who need DJs or Music for your mood

    I like this site: http://www.musicovery.com/ It's let's you pick the type of music you want to hear and then throws things together. I don't know if this has been posted before, but meh!
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    Yoga/Pilates Mat recommendations

    So I had my first Pilates class on the weekend (yay!) but it wasn't as great as I thought it would be (boo). Mostly because I'm a REALLY bony kind-of girl and the mat that I rented at the studio wasn't cushion-y enough for me to do the exercises comfortably and properly. I'm looking to buy my...