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    Insulating Stained glass window

    We have a stained glass window that is single pane and closes with about a 2 mm space between it and the opening. It makes the room (my 2 year olds) about 6 degrees colder Han the rest of the house. She's either freezing or we are sweating. I've already tried that plastic film stuff meant to add...
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    Anyone have one? Thoughts? The co2 replacements are pricey ($35) when compared with the cost of a mid range model ($150). Any one have an idea how frequently they need replacing if you drink say a bottle a day? I spend a shit ton on Peligrino so thought this would be handy and economical.
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    Recommend a drip coffee maker?

    I realize half of you will mouth off about how shitty coffee tastes in a drip coffee maker, but drip is what I need. So if you mouth off please also offer a reco :D I don't need bells and whistles. Preferably I can control brew strength...but even that isn't necessary. Just want it to brew...
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    Paleo eating/lifestyle

    I hope this doesn't get moved to the health thread as from what I've gathered it's a 'lifestyle'. Anyhooter, does anyone follow a paleo diet? The concept is simple; we're not genetically evolved enough to thrive in a world where our exercise and diet is one essentially designed by an...
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    Best of Street View - Compilations

    very cool. Jon Rafman
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    Tips on Moving Cross Country

    Am moving to Vancouver in the spring. Has anyone executed a cross country move and do you have any lessons learned/moving tips? We have a one bedroom. Will do the usual in terms of unloading as much as we possibly can. Some things simply, are non negotiable and we will be taking with us 3...
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    Outdoors Sporting Goods Stores?

    Besides Bass Pro, and Al Flaherty's. Are there any others you know of in the GTA? Google isn't giving me easy results. I have to get some effing skeet shooting jacket and it's meant to be by the brand Beretta (like the gun I can only presume). Bass Pro and Al's doesn't carry...
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    Where can I buy a sombrero?

    I need one urgently for a shoot today, and was hoping Tribe might have some ideas. I don't have time to go poking through Kensington, so would appreciate any sure bets. Downtown Toronto preferable. Doesn't have to be the fancy sequined velvet kind, even a straw one will suit. thanks in...
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    Banksy in Toronto...

    Banksy Comes to Toronto? - Torontoist Based on some of the adjacencies, he's been here long enough to get to know the city.
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    I now give you....Derelict!

    Homeless Man in China Becomes Internet Fashion Icon A homeless man in China has developed an Internet following of thousands who admire his "good looks" and "bohemian dress sense," the Independent reports. The man lives in Ningbo, and is referred to on the net as "Beggar Prince," "Handsome...
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    Niagara Wine Tour Reco's

    Does anyone have any recommendations on packages/tours? I'm hoping to book something toward the end of March. Overnight deal...preferably not a B&B unless it's pretty posh (I admit to being a turd-- it can look charming but I'd prefer manufactured charm over the authenticity of heirloom...
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    Opaque, LOW rise, tights!?? where to find?!

    Does anyone know of where to find low rise, opaque (like 100%) tights/stockings (as in, I want the whole foot in there)? If I find a suitable pair I have to practically tuck them into my bra, and If I've come across anything low rise they're leggings and aren't full stockings. Does anyone...