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    Dog Owners Thread

    Yeah we just finished the intermediate course at Petsmart. The training has gone well enough. They enjoy being challenged. If you can make something into a game then they're completely up for it. We've come to accept that while she's well behaved in the house and on leash, when she's off leash...
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    Dog Owners Thread

    It's a Shiba Inu puppy. There's a few in Toronto. They're a relatively obscure breed. Also very different personalities from most dogs. Strong willed and very independent. Some might say "difficult" :P Here's a picture of mine.
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    For the Cyclists in Tribeland.

    Just bought my first bike since I was a teenager. Pretty excited! Swobo Del Norte 57cm
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    Energy efficient rack server questions

    Power consumption in servers is measured at idle (0% CPU load) and at load (80+% CPU load) + disk activity. Your power supplies have a peak amount of power they are capable of delivering. Redundant power supply configurations vary from server to server. Some servers will have up to 4 PSUs...
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    The Fine Automobile Thread

    Late reply, but I don't come here much anymore. I saw those pics and looked the car up. The intercooler was attached to a 1JZ, so yup, it had some scoot to it. Sadly, the car is no longer around. The frame twisted out and started to separate, and the owner had to scrap it. Shame though...
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    boxing making a come back?

    Froch is all heart, little footwork in what I've seen of him. Straight brawler. I like watching him fight though. Will have to check this one out.
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    The Gran Turismo 5 Thread of Awesomeness

    Forza 3 looks better.
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    plastikman at FW

    His Plastikman set at Detroit was fucking boring as hell Way to break out the Bleeps and Bloops for 25,000 people.
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    Wireless Internet Drop outs?

    Turn off DHCP, give yourself a static IP.
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    getting music to ipod without itunes

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    The eternal MMA thread

    Heard an interview with him a few days after the fight, and it was lactic acid. If you don't breathe enough while under extreme physical stress you will flood your muscles with lactic acids. It doesn't take hours if your output is high enough, hence why Speed Skaters experience it during even...
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    The eternal MMA thread

    For reals. He said in an interview post fight that his body seized up, whatever that means. At no point before he got taken down in the second did he do a damn thing to keep the pressure on Lesnar. As much as I don't really respect Lesnar's abilities beyond wrestling, you can't injure an...
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    FS: Fender 5 String Jazz Bass $800 obo

    SORELY Tempted, but new house needs money first :( :( How about SolaceVIP, he might want this lovely piece!
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    The eternal MMA thread

    I'll take literacy by crippling TKO.
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    The eternal MMA thread

    I was wondering how long before the voice of the mentally handicapped community chimed in. Good to see you're still living in your own little bubble. Excuses aside, the man lost and he owned that moment with dignity that doesn't exist elsewhere in the sport usually. He'll come back focused and...
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    GiRL TaLK

    Tomorrow! woooo!
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    Matmos at MEta Gallery

    Matmos @ Meta Gallery The Good: Matmos played with SO Percussion. That was rad. All sorts of crazy live drumming, including 4 dudes hammering on the same modified tympani at once, a saw being played, blocks of wood, 4 hi-hats at once, etc. Really really inventive stuff. The bad: The...
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    Query : Switched from a AGP to PCI Video Card.

    The max bandwidth of the PCI BUS is 128MB/sec I doubt your PCI video card pushes any real amount of data, and your wireless G network card won't break 5MB/second, so no, you're fine. There might be weird latency issues though due to each card wanting priority...
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    Ahhh the wide open freshness

    Wwwwwwwoooooobbbbbbllllleeeeeee bbbbbrrrrrrzzzzzttttttt wwwwoooobbblllllleeeeee ssssssquuuueeeaaallll wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwoooooobbbbbllllleeee whompwhompwhomp