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    Jesus meets Mickey: Biblical theme park planned in germany

    BERLIN (AFP) - If you ever fancied lunch in the Tower of Babel, visiting an "original size" Noah's Ark or a multimedia depiction of the final battle between Good and Evil, you may not have long to wait. Under plans announced by a group of Swiss evangelical Christians...
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    Question Regarding Updating my Iphone

    So I have firmware version 1.1.2 and I used ziphone to unlock it, now i want to update my software to 1.1.4 (i think that's the latest?) do i just synch my data so as not to lose it, update the software and then run ziphone again? :confused: i'm poking around on the internet without much luck...
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    Lazydaze 2008....Version 2.0 (Sunday, June 1st)

    Okay I'm just stoked for it! Last time was a blast, and with the temperature only getting warmer and warmer it can only get even better I will be arriving with the ones like maya and gavin and mayhaps another friendly face or two. looking forward to some sunshine and good tunes :D My...
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    Question Regarding Parking Tickets when they are on Private Property

    So I got a parking ticket this evening while at a friends but there is no option (as on the city issued yellow tickets) to contestthe parking ticket via trial. Is this legal? There must be some way to challenge the ticket. It says if i pay within 7 days it is 39.50 and otherwise it goes up to...
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    Zis is the weekend thread!

    So kids! what are YOU doing? ;)
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    Favourite Toronto DJ's?

    Predictably in the techno genre my hat goes in the ring for the BOK boys: Mike Gibbs, Jamie Kidd and Hali...however...being *relatively* new to the omgtechnoismyfavourite scene, i'm curious to hear others recommendations and preferences! :)
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    Happy 24th Birthday Space Cadette!

    Go Amy! It's your birthday! Go Amy! It's your birthday! I know it's a little early but you're just THAT special. To one of my bestest friends in zee whole wide world whose awesomecore incorporated. You're the best for snowshoeing adventures, wine drinking, boy hunting, movieatrons and climbing...
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    The Sensational Sunday Thread

    So tribers what's on the agenda today? Going to hit the gym in a bit then brunch and the movies then some studying. I'm much more looking forward to the chick flick and the food then the rest of it :D
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    The Flat Earth Society

    http://www.theflatearthsociety.org/ And they're SERIOUS :p
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    The Weekend Thread - First Edition 08

    Tonight: Dinner, Work Friday: Study, Work, Skating with my favourite boys, Puppy sitting Saturday: SNOWSHOEING up north with more of my favourite people, caving and cross country skiing! http://www.sceniccaves.com/winter/skiing-snowshoeing.htm LSATing at night or just falling asleep from...
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    alieninflux + promise + fukhouse NYE

    That was hands down the best NYE party I have been to in eons. The venue was perfect, the vibe was great, and there was more than one washroom ;) SICK tunes, Mr. Gibbs threw down especially well. I will post a more detailed review later but I just wanted to get the ball rolling. Great to...
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    Favourite House Mixes of 2007?

    I'm looking for some new stuff, so house forum gurus what were your favourite mixes of the year? :)
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    Fido Sim card around yonge and St. Clair?

    Does anyone know of a retailer around this area where I could get a new sim card? thanks :)
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    How much weight did you gain over the holidays? :D

    I'm not doing my official weigh in until tomorrow because I'm still eating :D i think the record a few years ago was ev at 14 lbs :)
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    The what did you give for Christmas thread

    thread title says all, what did you give this year? :)
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    Happy Birthday terrawrist III!

    Happy Birthday sunshine! :D You are superawesomecore (but you knew that already!) and always make me smile. Happy James day!!! And I will see YOU next weekend (if not before ;) ) Much love!
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    LF: Fido phone

    I lost my phone a few weeks ago (Wait allie losing her phone? INCONCEIVABLE!) and I can't afford a new one. Does anyone have a fido compatible phone or an unlocked one for sale? Or are you getting a new phone and want to sell yours to me? :p extra christmas shopping money!!! email...
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    Fred Everything @ FW

    Anyone else excited? Maya and I will be there with shiny fun bells on. Or at least shiny skirts. Weeee!
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    Box of Kittens - Mike Gibbs, Jamie Kidd, Fabio Palermo, and the one like Hali!

    I never post on tribe anymore so that is how good of a party this was. Beautiful space, amazing music, and fashionably adorable pins with which to mix and match to future outfits. What more could a girl want? I had never heard either Jamie or Mike live before and it was an absolute pleasure...