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    FS - AMD Athlon 64 X2 4600+ AM2

    FS - AMD Athlon 64 X2 4600+ AM2 Just upgraded my CPU..... I have this one for sale..... never been overclocked! I've had it for about a year. It's runs pefect! Canadacomputer sells for $97 + tax = $110.58. I'm looking for $80 firm. Please e-mail me or pm danny at crackberry dot...
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    Motion City Soundtrack for TONIGHT!

    I have 2 Motion City Soundtrack tickets for sale. This concert is sold out!!! The concert is at the Opera House on Tuesday August 7th, 2007. Sherwood, The Higher, and The Forecast will be the opening bands. I'm looking for face value plus service charges so..... $25 each...
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    Telus motorola KRZR

    I have a 5 month old Telus KRZR for sale..... It still has 7 months warentee. I upgraded to a blackberry. THe phone is is fantastic shape!!! 9.5 out of 10. I will throw in an extra spare battery and a cell phone holder! I'm looking for $250 for it. I paid over $400 5 months ago (comes with...
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    Rogers Blackberry Pearl - $260 (GTA)

    I have a used rogers Blackberry pearl for sale. It comes with box and receipt with 5 months left of warentee. I would rank it 8 out of 10..... minor scratches.... normal wear. I'm looking for $260 for it. I'm located around Yonge and Sheppard or Downtown Toronto. Thanks!
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    Golf - Nike NDS Iron Set

    I just picked up these Irons. I've been to the driving range about 2 times with them. My wife bought me the Taylormade R7 :) If I had room I would have kept these Nike irons as well. I would say the condition is 8.5/9 out of 10. Standard Length and Lie Fujikura A flex graphite shaft...
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    Wts - Mint Sony Psp!

    Hey everyone.... I have a 3-4 month old PSP..... I don't use it that much and golf season is just around the corner. :) You will get a MINT psp (no dead pixel... no scratches on screen) firmware v. 2.81 (still have 6-7 month warrenty!!!) The original box and charger 1 Gig sony memory stick NHL...
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    FS - Fall out Boy Tickets!

    I have a 4 Fall Out Boy tickets. My friends can't go anymore and I need to get rid of them. I'm charging what I paid for in face value plus my credit card fees. Which comes out to $65 a ticket! The concert is going to be SOLD OUT! The show is on Sat May 26/07, they are playing with +44...
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    Hey everyone, They upgraded my blackberry at work and now I have this one for sale. This is a 1 year old phone. I would say 9/10 in condition. It comes with everything plus box and cd and wires/chargers. PLUS I am adding a spare battery with it! Both battery are still in great condition...
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    LF - Handyman

    I just bought my condo and need a few things done to it. Off the top of my head I need a new thermostat installed and a new track lighting installed in the living room. DOes anyone know anyone good and at a good price? I'm located at yonge and shepperd Thanks! R
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    PSP Downgrade

    Hey guys, I just got a PSP v, 2.71 - non TA-whatever I've been reading a lot about homebrews and downgrading and what not. I was wondering if there was anyone on the tribe board who is really experienced in downgrading to 1.5 or know alot of about PSP hacks and can help me out a bit...
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    Free Flyers

    I have old flyers dating back from 98/99 to 02/03 Free!!!!! Local pick up only. I'm located in Thornhill e-mail if interested dj_redout at hotmail dot com
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    I Hate You Internet!

    so today, they announced a 3rd show for Dave Chapelle.... well I lurked the hell out of massy halls web site then at noon I got 4 tickets held for me row M.... not shabby at all.... well FUCK YOU INTERNET!!! AND FUCK YOU MASSY HALL!!! they only give you a 10 min holding limit and because...
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    FS: PNY 6800 GS - 256MB - AGP Video card

    I am located in Thornhill (Yonge and steeles area) and work downtown at (yonge and College).... this is pick up only unless buyer is willing to pay for shipping. Video Card I have receipt for this... bought in April 2006... lots of warrenty left.... I'm looking for $190 OBO for this card...
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    FS - the super happy computer sale... misc parts

    I have recently upgraded my computer and if I don't sell everything the wifey will be super pissed :lol: I wish I can keep this but honestly I don't need it anymore. I am located in Thornhill (Yonge and steeles area) and work downtown at (yonge and College).... this is pick up only unless...
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    AMD prices dropped?

    I have been lerking for a new AMD AM2 Dual core for a while now and today I noticed that prices dropped like crazy. Does anyone know why? Is it because of the new ATI buyout? Or is it the on going price war between intel and AMD? Will prices continue to drop? should I wait for my new rig then?
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    FS: LG6190 Telus Cell and Bluetooth headset

    My new company has upgraded my phone to a blackberry so I still have my old cell phone which is a LG 6190. Minor wear and tears. I'm looking for $75 OBO for the cell. It comes with the box and charger and all the manuals. specs can be found here...
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    FS - CHEAP TURNTABLE AND MIXER + 60-70 Trance records!!

    I just don't have time and could use the cash before I move. I bought this off someone else on the tribe board. 1) 2 x Gemini DD Turntables -Direct drive -Both are in really good condition -Great to learn on, for house parties, etc. -Both come w/needles, cartridges & slipmatts 2)...
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    World Cup Radio Broadcast?

    Well I'm quite sure most of us will be at work during most of the matches during the week. I was wondering if anyone know of any web site that will be broadcasting streaming internet radio of the games that will be happening? I checked out BBC and they will only provided coverage to thsoe who...
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    Computer Stuff - Moving Sale

    Hey everyone I'll be moving soon and wnat to get rid of some of the stuff that's around the house for now. I have no car at the moment so everything is pick up only. I'm located in Thornhill but work downtown around Yonge and College. 19 Inch Monitor NEC Multisync 95 Great condition...
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    My screen is snowing?

    I don't know if it's my monitor or my video card. When I'm doing anything normal like surfing the web, or doing different things my monitor is fine. BUT when I play video or when I play vid games, my comp screen would start snowing.... like white dots will flicker on and off in different areas...