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    Chic Flicks

    Yes I work with esteemed cinematographers, and yes I care about the latest anamorphic lens that brings out the black contrast but i can't deny it... I like chic flicks! After a long hard day at work, I don't want to watch a provocative documentary or a cinematic masterpiece - I want a goofy...
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    FS: We Will Rock You - Sat. March 17 8pm

    I have 2 tickets for We Will Rock You for the 8pm performance on Sat. March 17. Seats are in Mezzanine - Row J - seat 110 & 111. They are in the $75/ticket section + service charge. Sale price for the pair: $130 PM or email (dancing-dora AT hotmail.com) Here's the seating chart.
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    Financial Planning????

    Ok, I don't get it. I don't get how it works or how much money I have to have before I can start having a "financial planner" help me figure out the answers to questions I didn't know I should be asking. I work in a freelance industry so in an age where there are no pension plans, no company...
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    FS: Mary J Blige ticket - 08/22 - below face value

    Section 102, Row H, Seat 19 - one ticket. Face Value is $88.75, but it's yours for $60 or best offer. This is a hard ticket from ticketmaster. (No paper printouts or ticketFast) Pick up anytime today at Adelaide/Bathurst.
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    Madonna Lovers

    I do this out of rage and a weird believe in karma.... The promoters of Madonna's tour have released new seats which means you can get wicked ass floor seating for face value. (eg. I looked up floor seats at NYC and they were available for July 2nd) Which REALLY pisses me off after I...
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    Celine doing Madonna and MJ

    apologies for the timeline, but oh my friggin eyes! doing Madge a la Papa Don't Preach http://blogs.papermag.com/2006/03/17/celine-dion-does-madonna/ doing MJ a la Bad http://blogs.papermag.com/2006/03/17/celine-dion-does-madonna/ what god awful shows spawned these clips?!?!?
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    Portable DVD Player

    Anyone own a cheapie one that works well? I've scanned all the Cnet reviews etc and have even found ones for under $200 that plays DivX too. But I'd love to hear some personal opinions on these things.
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    Dmitri from Paris

    My bf said he saw posters on the street...anybody got info on this? I checked the milk site but didn't see anything...
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    Can someone explain to me the inexplicable charm and timelessness of this Bill Murray classic? I'm sure they will start playing this ad nauseum all month long, I just caught my first viewing tonight on CityTV. THIS IS A FUCKIN' AWESOME MOVIE. I hate Christmas movies, I don't like any...
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    Windsor / Detroit - skyline?

    Hey Tribers, I'm looking to get a great shot of the skyline of Windsor and Detroit, can anyone give me directions to where might be good spots? I seem to remember going to a public open space like 6 years ago by the water, where I watched Derrick May and Richie Hawtin, but I can't remember...
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    Conservative scholar fired for anti-Bush comments

    The New York Times - October 18, 2005 In Sign of Conservative Split, a Commentator Is Dismissed By RICHARD W. STEVENSON WASHINGTON, Oct. 17 - In the latest sign of the deepening split among conservatives over how far to go in challenging President Bush, Bruce Bartlett, a Republican...
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    Capitalizing On Canada's Chinese Takeout

    Capitalizing On Canada's Chinese Takeout full article here: http://www.forbes.com/investmentnewsletters/2005/10/18/canada-china-delfeld-cz_cd_1018soapbox_inl.html Did you click on this thread b/c you were quite shocked by that headline? I did..."Canada's Chinese Takeout"? This was...
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    Fatboy Slim and David Byrne - writing a musical?!?

    Fatboy Slim makes Marcos musical DJ Fatboy Slim and Talking Heads singer David Byrne are writing a musical about former Philippine first lady Imelda Marcos, to be shown next March. Here Lies Love will examine Mrs Marcos' passion for music and night clubs. Billed as "a timeless story...
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    crime slang - "packie"???

    Here's a challenge for y'all... I've been hearing the term "packie" a lot in relation to crimes in New York's trucking industry. ie. a "packie" is someone burglarizes trucks for their goods on board. In reality, I can only find two definitions of this slang... 1) racist term against...
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    Sat May 21?

    Does anyone have suggestions for a good party to hit on the Saturday night instead?
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    Hot Hot Heat - Sat Night - Apr 23

    Anyone going or wants to go? I'm trying to get rid of my 2 tickets!
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    FS: Hot Hot Heat tix at Kool Haus

    I have 2 tickets for Hot Hot Heat, being sold for face value. I had a schedule conflict so I can't make the show, so if anyone's into them, please PM me.
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    ID this clip?

    http://www3.ns.sympatico.ca/lyle_24/myhero.swf I'm really slow on this, and I just got it today. Anyone know the source on this clip? Who this guy is and where he's from etc?
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    Time Headline: They just won't grow up

    I just read this article from Time last week, and the "they" they're referring to are many tribers. Apparently, we're "twixters" now who won't grow up. Tell me what you think of the article... d (I'll refrain from commenting so you can read the article without bias)
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    I left my heart in San Francisco

    Looking for some tips and recommendations.... I'm heading off to SF for a few days next week, and I'm looking for travel recommendations, for touristy stuff, arts and music stuff, campy things, and MOST important: clubs to hit! Tks! dora