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    Vinyl Records: Trance (classic), House, Tribal House

    5$ per vinyl (open to negotiate on larger purchases, I just want to get rid of them), let me know if you are interested, they are all in top condition... Ideally, I'd love to get rid of them all (w/ two mint condition flight cases) ASAP, so please make me an offer, you never know... jon...
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    the best summer of your life (2 parts House/ Tribal) Jon Jon & Kevin Harcourt

    As posted in the masterlist... Kevin and I thought it was due time we did a mix together. We did them seperately but you can also download them as one big chunk. A mix of house and drums all under the umbrella of summer. :) Download Here • Part 1 - jon jon (1 hour mix) • Part 2 -...
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    "Trippy" House / Techhouse Labels?

    Can anyone recommend any good "trippy" (a bit of a acid) house/ techhouse/ techno labels? Is there a good label thread on Tribe? Like a rolodex of label info? hah Any help would be much appreciated...
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    Greek Nameday Cards

    Danforth is an obvious one, does anyone know any stores? (lol at greek gf's) thanks in advance!
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    where can I get a 5x5 digital photo printed?

    wow this thread is boring I know, can anyone point me in the right direction... (although I bet finding a frame will be more difficult)
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    jon jon - October Night Promo (the House music)

    download HERE jon jon - October Night Promo French Sex Intro Mister O - I Can Feel The Love (Blanco & Miki Moto's Vocal Dub) Copyright - We Can Rise (Club Mix) Roland Richards - Zookey (Bobby Blanco & Miki Moto Club Mix) Milk & Sugar - Has Your Man Got Soul (Jamie Lewis Darkroom...
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    FMIF Guetta / Bob Sinclar at the Koolhaus (Sept. 10th)

    OMG hahahh that was so bad I don't even know where to start.... as I predicted, this party was a total disaster. Koolhaus is WAY too big of a venue for a party of this size, the Drink or TiL would have been more than enough. A totally vacant industry crowd (hair salon industry that is...
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    Jon Jon - Hurrican BBQ 2006 (Funky House)

    http://www.djmute.com/downloads/Jon_Jon_BBQ2006.mp3 Bob Sinclair - Rock This Party The Shapeshifters – Incredible (Denis the Menace and Jerry Roperos Full Vocal Remix) TJ Cubana – La Trompeta (Wawa Remix) Blaze – Most Precious Love (Ian Carey Club Mix) Hoxton Whores – Lost in Ibiza...
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    Most Underrated Michael Jackson Songs...

    - Dirty Diana - Stranger in Moscow lol, I have no idea what brought this thread on.
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    How great was Lauryn Hill on the Score...

    I love her.
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    cool tshirts for boys! hah

    Where can I find? Stussy? Diesel? Zoo York? etc? Clubland tshirts please!
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    what a facking pain! :)
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    Miami Ink on TLC

    Fackin awesome. Can't get enough of this show... Fresh into Season 2 and the show gets better and better. Garver is total class/skill. Would love to get work done by him. I bet these guys are fucking booked till 2012 charging 300 USD an hour. SICK.
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    Which Sander @ System Part do you like the best?

    Which part do you like the best? Personally I think Part 2 has the grit that "Everybody On Tour" was lacking... sick.
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    Pink Floyd vs. Led Zeppelin

    I'd say pinkie, but I've never given Walters et al a real fighting chance... Anyone?
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    Morillo 12 hour Pacha NYC Feb 4th

    OMG I'm so excited. haha I timed this so well!
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    very large print/ poster shops in Toronto/Online

    Any suggestions? Vintage, Movie, Art, anything. Alllposters.com is awesome, but I can't seem to find anything over standard poster size. Nothing gigantic. :)
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    Rogers HDTV... ANNOYING

    It's presented in 16:9 ratio but 90% of the shows on the channels (apart from HDTMN, HD Discovery, and HDPBS LIKE WHO THE FACK WATCHES THOSE TWO) are presented in regular TV ratio. So basically unless I "ZOOM" or "WIDEZOOM" the source I'm looking at TV with black bars on the side now thus...
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    ::HOUSE:: Latin/ Funk Jon Jon - December Flavor

    click me Often times cheesy, but sometimes sexy and colorful. I put together this mix just yesterday and I'm very proud with the outcome. Latin/ Funky/ Salsa-esque, ALL THINGS SEXY! Hanna Hais – Rosa Nova (Scientific Soul Reprise) Milk & Sugar – Jezabel (Tribal Dub) Axwell...
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    the impact MSN messenger has had on our culture today...

    ... has to be fucking huge. Honestly, has it ever been said anywhere? How large of an impact it has on our everyday lives. The way we (well I suppose the West, the moderately well off) communicate on this planet has been greatly influenced by this piece of software. Of course it hasn't...