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    Robb G's retirement?

    This still makes me sad. But also happy for robb of course!!! So many memories over the last decade. Always dancing, dancing, dancing :) will do my best to make it out as much as possible for your final gigs, and I look forward to those possible infrequent shows. So sad I missed you at pride...
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    Joshua Reid - For Jay (Funky Jackin House)

    apparently i haven't tried to listen to this mix in a long time and now the link is broken. joshuareid, i would have messaged you if i could - could you send me a link that works if possible? if not, i will search for a newer mix of yours on here, i just don't stay that tribe current anymore :)
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    What are you having for dinner?

    peruvian mashed potatoes (chili, lime, garlic), with gazpacho, tzatziki (actually more of a raita with cilantro and mint) and green bean salad with shallots, parsley and red wine vin. Also making a corn, tomato, green bean, avocado and blue cheese salad for work/lunch tomorrow
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    things to do in TORONTO

    If its beer selection you are after, I would do beer bistro, markt or c'est what before sin and redemption etc. Although if you go to the AGO it is closer, others are closer to st. lawrence. Otherwise, nothing new to add. St lawrence, kensington, the island are my favorite summer t.o hangouts...
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    The Dark Tower

    favourite series ever! drawing of the three is one of my top ones for sure...books 6-7 not-so-much. disappointing to hear about the movie/series cancellation amazing to hear about book 4.5!!!
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    Joshua Reid - For Jay (Funky Jackin House)

    Ya its cool I remembered how to count :) And I've listened to this so many times now I have it all figured out
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    Joshua Reid - For Jay (Funky Jackin House)

    anyway you can post track times? there are SO many tracks I love in this
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    Joshua Reid - For Jay (Funky Jackin House)

    love love love. more please :)
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    Patio Thread

    ya i am loving shock top lately. too bad i didn't realize they had it when i was at keating channel for canada day
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    The "Where can I buy -?-" Thread

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    The "Where can I buy -?-" Thread

    Where in toronto can i buy lesportsac? I have already checked out the bay (bloor and queen locations) and tachen on yonge/king. Apparently they don't ship to Canada? I am looking for the kevyn bag in luv ur planet pattern for work!
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    What are you having for dinner?

    I-Brad that lemon cake sounds yummy! This week I made dinner for a friend one night (worked all the rest): pork tenderloin with fennel and coriander seeds and rhubarb bbq sauce asparagus with lime/honey/tarragon dressing And one morning I made shakshuka - eggs poached in a spicy...
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    What are you having for dinner?

    Last weekend was my first in forever with time to cook, so we had: Saturday - kale, mushroom and swiss omelettes and bacon with toast with blackberry jam from last summer -lime yogurt cake with blackberry sauce (I made a cake!) -homemade pizza for dinner with basil, ricotta, mushrooms...
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    Food Network Shows

    Anna olsen came into my work for dinner with her family this week. I know people think she is a bit of a goof...but i respect their focus on local niagara food, and the concept of her *new* show. I also used to be such a huge food network nerd (don't have cable now and the stuff I do catch seems...
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    Veggie Garden 2010

    No garden or outdoor space at all this year for me :( But I've started stuff anyway lol. I have ~30 varieties of tomatoes, just starting to poke their way through the soil. Plus some hot and sweet peppers, kale, chard, arugula, spinach. I only have one donor in mind so far, so if all goes well...
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    G2 Test again....what t f? help svp

    From what I could find on the website this week, I don't think this is true anymore. My G2 is expiring on Monday (for the second time! I never drive since moving away for university, so I never end up doing the G exit test!) and apparently they no longer do tests after the expiration date, or...
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    Toronto Restaurants that are an *EXPERIENCE*

    would be interested in hearing more review if you have more to say... the octo is cooked sous-vide, with a ton of curry-like spices; cumin, coriander, chili, etc. for 7.5 hours. then pan-fried before serving. served with raw and braised escarole, 100km carrots with a curried mango puree...
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    Impressed/Not Impressed

    i am super annoyed with my diva cup lately. i've had it for almost 8 years...so i don't know if there is a certain length of time before it doesn't work so well anymore (although that really doesn't make sense to me). i've pretty always had some tiny amount of leakage with it...but for the past...
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    SOUP.. iz good..i liiiike

    I made a minestrone type soup last friday, with collards, chickpeas, red kidney beans, tomatoes, zucchini, porcini "broth" and mirepoix. Been eating that for days, plus froze some for later. Tonight maybe make a split pea soup, sans ham...still doing the veggie thing (98% at least). I've...
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    ok i got it to work out to 40 stitches....but still...