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  1. ndrwrld

    RIP Kobe Bryant

    reports that his 13 year old daughter Gianna was also killed. damn.
  2. ndrwrld

    2019/ 2020 Leafs

    Marner turned down 11 Million a year for 7 years. Fucker.
  3. ndrwrld

    Tony Robbins Has Been Accused Of Groping More Women And Mistreating Vulnerable Followers

    Tony Robbins Has Been Accused Of Groping More Women And Mistreating Vulnerable Followers...
  4. ndrwrld

    Has “Homosexual” always been in the Bible? ( no, it wasn't )

    Has “Homosexual” always been in the Bible?
  5. ndrwrld

    RIP Bookie

    Fought the good fight. Indie 88 was very tough to listen to today...all the call ins and Josie speaking so much about him. Heard some really funny and touching moments. In other news, 102.1 said fuck all about him. Corus can suck a dick.
  6. ndrwrld

    Rest In Peace, Tim Conway.

    No fear...always held character when everyone else lost their minds. Legend.
  7. ndrwrld

    RIP Deko- Jason Steele

    The Communic8r: Golden Age of Toronto Raves 14 mins · Sadly, we've just learned that Deko- Jason Steele has passed away. Deko's influence on the early days of Toronto raving was strong (not to mention he had already had huge success as a DJ in the previous decade.) Deko was behind a few well...
  8. ndrwrld

    New Zealand Mosque shooting

    Gunman opens fire at New Zealand mosques, casualties reported | CBC News Lots dead. Apparently, one of the shooters, is this guy. Brenton Tarrant (@BrentonTarrant) on Twitter This is apparently his manifesto, *ahem* Don't know if the shooter in this next video is ^ him or not, but this guy's...
  9. ndrwrld

    U.S. admissions scam

    Lori Loughlin dropped by TV network as students sue colleges in U.S. admissions scam | CBC News Even in Canada ? David Sidoo steps down as CEO of Vancouver companies in light of college cheating scandal | CBC News A LOT of prominent people are about to get exposed. Grab the popcorn.
  10. ndrwrld

    RIP Keith Flint.

    Keith Flint: Prodigy vocalist dies aged 49
  11. ndrwrld

    RIP Louisa Vesterager Jespersen & Maren Ueland

    This was a savage slaying, and SO not necessary, if the men involved simply just understood that No meant NO. Trust me...don't watch the video. Instead, see the beautiful photos of each of them living their lives.
  12. ndrwrld

    RIP Jay Tripper

    shocked to hear this happened...
  13. ndrwrld

    George H.W. Bush, dead at age 94

    George H.W. Bush, the 41st U.S. president and father of the 43rd, has died at age 94
  14. ndrwrld

    Chemical Brothers @ Iceland

    1st time ever there. Oct 20th. i see flights round trip for about $500. i may do this. 3 days tops. a hotel room for 1 night. sleep at the airport for the others. Bueller ? Anyone want to come out and play ?
  15. ndrwrld

    Ministry 2018

    Dec 2. Rebel. Strangely, one of his supporting acts ( Carpenter Brut ) are very synthy, very much remind me of the early days of Ministry. I can only hope that they reach back into their catalog and play a shit load from The Land of Rape and Honey. Every Day Is Halloween ? Probably not. The...
  16. ndrwrld


    aug 14. looking at booking this now. group trip ? tickets don't go on sale until May 5th.
  17. ndrwrld

    Won't you be my neighbor ?

    How Quickly Does This Mr. Rogers Doc Trailer Make You Weep Happy-Sad Tears?
  18. ndrwrld

    RIP Stephen Hawking.

    Physicist Stephen Hawking dies aged 76
  19. ndrwrld

    March Madness 2018

    Tennessee Xavier Purdue Kansas.