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    FS: Macbook Pro v5,1 2.4Ghz Core 2 Duo w/ 4GB Ram

    Processor Name: Intel Core 2 Duo Processor Speed: 2.4 GHz Total Number Of Cores: 2 L2 Cache: 3 MB Memory: 4gb (2x2gb) Type: DDR3 Speed: 1067 MHz Chipset Model: NVIDIA GeForce 9400M Type: GPU Bus: PCI VRAM (Total): 256 MB Chipset Model: NVIDIA GeForce 9600M GT Type: GPU...
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    The Book of Mormon - On Broadway

    I'm not one for the musical format. I find it cheesy, and the fact that shit like "rock of ages" and "american idiot" even exist annoys me. However, when i heard the south park boys were creating a musical with robert lopez of "avenue q" fame (one musical i actually did enjoy for its...
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    HALP - Quality Sticker Printing - Toronto

    I need someone who does quality custom size sticker printing in Toronto? Been calling around...
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    FS - Gorillaz Tickets - Face Value - Floor Seats

    October 14 - ACC Can't make it. Hoping theres a fan on tribe who wants to scoop them up. Section: FLR R Row: 7 Seats: 31 - 32 Pair: $230 (face value).
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    HALP! Need to watch Canada / US Hockey online tonight!

    I'm in New York and I don't have a TV at my place. I could go down and watch the game with the ex-pat clubs, but I'd rather curl up here instead of heading into manhattan. Anyone know how I can watch live online?
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    Traveling and Studying in the US, no visa required.

    Wifey is taking us to NYC next to complete her studies at Columbia (research, thesis, unpaid) and we're crossing the border by car - has anyone ever done this? What do we say at the border? From the Embassy Website. "Canadian citizens do not require a visa to enter the United States...
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    BBC Doc - Iran and the West.

    3 hour doc / 3 parts on the history of diplomatic relations between Iran, the united states and later the european union. Phenomenal reporting.
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    Windows Users !! Defend Yourselves !!

    Why is windows 7 good enough to make me switch from a mac?
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    Bad Rave Drugs?

    Got a message from an EMT friend yesterday that said "Orange Powder" at rave last night sent many people to hospital. anyone hear anything about this? railing tang?
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    I absolutely had sexual relations with those women. * APPLAUSE * Paul: HA HA!.

    http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2009/10/01/david-letterman-extortion_n_307221.html Late-night host David Letterman acknowledged on Thursday's show that he had sexual relationships with female employees and that someone tried to extort $2 million from him over the affairs. CBS says an employee...
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    Photo Sharing...

    I hosted a meeting last week in Ottawa and want a place where attendees can upload photos they took, and where we can host the photos we took. Whats the best tool for this. I would prefer if nobody had to register but my organization, and it doesn't have to be free.
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    The Heroes of Listening - Bored to Death

    Jason Schwartzman + Zach Galifanakis combine to for the most un-spellable duo on HBO.... I'm sold 10 minutes in. thoughtful / attentive / loving.
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    Beatport Error...

    just bought 67 tracks for 9.99 - the latest release from Southern Fried - unmixed. I'm guessing they really screwed the pooch on that - or somehow there was an error in code that made the price of the complete album 10$. Not in love with most of the tracks - but who can say no to that.
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    The First Move...

    Okay ladies, my friend here is off a long-term relationship - and he has no game. Great guy, very handsome, clean... tall... but no game.. he relegates new relationship s to the friend-zone cause he doensn't seem to know how to make the first move. Most of the girls he's seieng right now are...
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    Free: Composite Cable for Wii

    Friend left it here and sold his system - without this cable - yours if you need it. for pick up only. PM ME
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    Drag and Drop Mp3 Player... OSX

    I'm okay with using itunes to manage my library of music / albums / ipod, but as a straight forward MP3 player it sucks ass. All I want to do is drag and drop a folder onto a mini-player and go through the music within, no matter how deep. COG would be perfect, but development has ceased and...
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    Sal De Ban was right...

    .... there is a progressive room.
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    you, you fucking hipster douchebag...

    ...walking on davenport heading west near Shaw street at 5:00pm... you fucking waste. 19 maybe 20 years old. Walking next to a girl who within a month will regret letting you inside her that one time for 30 seconds. you thought it was appropriate to empty the trivial pursuit box little by...
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    How to get laid with little to no effort...

    take her to see this movie and tell her she's hotter than Zooey Deschanel. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1022603/ date movie of the year. she was all over me in theatre.
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    Rogers 50MBPS Service... $150.00 a month DOCSIS3.0

    I will not be upgrading to this service. http://www.engadget.com/2009/07/09/rogers-rolls-out-50mbps-docsis-3-0-service-802-11n-router/