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    Deep fried cheese curds. Any bar in toronto?

    Yes, stupid question but a serious one! Deep fried cheese curds. Does any pub in Toronto have them?
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    Need a recomendation for a belly button piercing salon.

    Any recommendations for a good one in the GTA?
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    Free Live Canadian TV internet stream?

    I don't have cable or satellite, and in my building over the air antenna doesn't quite pick anything up. Sometimes it is nice to just have TV on in the background for white noise like radio. I have a PC with internet access connected to my TV. And although I have netflix they dont have any...
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    Sports Bars done right. With StarCraft that is.

    Finally a sports bar I'd go to. http://www.blogto.com/tech/2011/08/is_barcraft_toronto_the_new_hockey_night_in_canada/ How to Get Drunk & Watch Starcraft with Other People Sports Bars Changing Channels For Video Gamers - Slashdot tl;dr rather than showing life sports they are...
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    Umm.. I just had to use BING over Google :|

    Step 1. Google horriblesubs, receive notice of search results removal due to US DMCA. Step 2. Paste same shit into Bing. Step 3. Somehow profit.
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    A walk outside/ontop of CN tower. Please dont throw pennies.

    CN Tower to offer walk on the outside – 1,168 feet above the city - The Globe and Mail
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    Hugh Hefner to marry Playmate Crystal Harris

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    The CLAW, or why I hate cold weather.

    Typing with cold hands is BRUTAL. They need to invent a claw keyboard.
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    So.. when you break up with someone, what happens to the sex toys?

    Do you throw them out? Kinda wasteful no?
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    Workplace washroom etiquette.

    Fellas, let's have this settled once and for all. If you are standing next to me at the urinal, a bit of chit chat is OK. If you are sitting in a stall taking a dump, do not strike conversations with your stall neighbors. ESPECIALLY, do not say "Hey, who's there?". Squeezing one out...
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    Mustard VS Ketchup!

    I say mustard. Ketchup is not very mustardy at all.
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    Jambalaya. Where do I get some in Toronto?

    Watching king of queens, having a few beers. The aforementioned delicacy is mentioned. I want some. Wikipedia is intriguing. Where do I find this? Jambalaya that is.
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    Quick auto insurance question (cancellations).

    I am moving next week, and my new premium has virtually doubled, which is insane. I searched on Kanetix and there there are far cheaper alternatives. Can I cancel my policy mid contract and switch right away or do I have to wait until it expires (expires in June). Also, when they...
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    What are the legal ramifications of the average bar fight?

    Hypothetical question. Someone throws a punch at you, you throw one back. Police come over. How much trouble are you in? I heard unless the establishment chooses to dislike you, you are not in any trouble at all? ?! Surely this cannot be right?
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    Alright you old farts, so who's going to Eclipse? Err, Weekend thread!

    As long as you are young at heart, right? RIGHT?
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    German Rail Pass questions. And more questions.

    We are heading to Deutschland in August and Decided on picking up the 4 day railpass. Has anyone used these before? Are there any issues that one can expect to run into? I used the japan railpass before and it was very convinient. Can you validate your pass half an hour before your...
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    The Dr. Pepper Commercial. I hate it.

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CzFt1b0HlGg Seriously, how douche-ey is that?!
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    LCBO Strike. Stocking up VS Bathtub Moonshine.

    "Liquor stores 'like Christmas' as LCBO strike looms" http://www.nationalpost.com/news/story.html?id=1724478 Am surprised that there are no threads on this. This is WAAAY more important than the stupid garbage strike.
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    Magazines. Subscribe to which you do?

    So I am heading to the cottage country for the weekend, and decided to pick up some mags to keep me entertained while in the unplugged wilderness. Have not bought anything in ages, but holy hell, magazines are expensive in this day and age. I remember subscribing to a yearly delivery at a cost...
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    Police arrest a man for creating a 'monster'

    Source: http://www.wral.com/news/news_briefs/story/5339554/ The coolest thing I saw all day: