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    moving sale - selling a whole whack of stuff!

    We're moving, everything has to go - we're selling the following (see link for CL postings with pics): plush la-z-boy recliner - plush la-z-boy recliner patio furniture set (chairs and table) - patio furniture set ikea birch corner desk - IKEA CORNER DESK canon pixma ip4200 colour...
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    FS: vinyl collection - late 90s/early 00s trance/techno/ukhardhouse/prog!

    posting this on behalf of a friend: I am selling approximately 200 records that includes a large selection of trance, uk hardhouse, and techno from the late 90s. Handful of dnb records too. Tons of gems/rare tracks. Most in mint or good condition. Want to sell as a batch for $250 obo...
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    toronto restos w. private dining rooms

    Hi peeps; need to plan a dinner for 25-30, we're looking for a nice restaurant downtown that has good food with a private dining space. we wanted canoe but it was a bit too pricey. any suggestions welcome!
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    snow removal service

    has anyone hired a company to remove snow from their driveway or back alley? we have a garage that backs out into an alley that is not plowed by the city, and our neighbours are leaving for the winter so we have to take care of both our section and their section of the laneway. last year we...
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    FS: Ikea Corner Desk - Birch - $190 obo

    see craiglist posting here for details: http://toronto.en.craigslist.ca/tor/fuo/1340670381.html
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    creepy breastfeeding doll

    today's WTF. from http://www.thestar.com/article/685419
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    banking advice needed - combining finances

    my SO an i are in the process of combining finances. we both have lines of credit w. our respective banks (i am with scotia, he is with royal), and student loans to pay off. we are looking into getting a joint account and then probably maintain separate chequing accounts for our own budgeted...
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    pages to shut down :(

    i'd hoped they could keep it alive but looks like it's finally the end of the road. one of my favourite bookstores. http://www.eyeweekly.com/blog/post/65553
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    heads up - bike safety ticketing blitz starts next week

    from the toronto cyclist's union: FYI... The Toronto Police Safe Cycling Blitz starts on Monday Please note that, as they do every year during Bike Month, the Toronto Police will be running their campaign targeting unsafe cycling from Monday June 22nd to Sunday June 28th. Important...
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    need help re: vancouver islands and spas - who knows stuff?

    is anyone familiar with a) spas in the vancouver island area that are relatively easy to get to from BOWEN ISLAND? b) best/easiest places to get to from bowen (with a car) that I could look at spas in? seems like sunshine coast is close-ish, but requires two different ferries (snug cove...
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    ontario place/molson amp. question

    can anyone recommend a good landmark to meet at for the molson amphitheatre for ppl who have never been before? i can barely remember the entrance situation - do you go in thru ontario place first?
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    **happy birthday beaker**meep meep*

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY BIG BROTHER! aaaand semi-embarrassing and/or endearing photo reel! go! you rule.
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    FS: 6000 BTU A/C Unit - $100

    Make: Kenmore Size: 6000 BTU Asking: $100 Excellent working condition Features: - quiet internal motor - digital temperature control settings - remote control can access all features on unit - timer for start-up and shut-down (great energy saving feature) - powersave options -...
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    Christian website's "GAY" filter backfires

    amazing. source
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    stupid question re: couriers

    i am having a belt replaced on a coat i bought in montreal - they have the replacement in for me, but i have to handle shipping costs and arrange a courier to pick it up in montreal and bring it to me in TO. is there any option cheaper than stupid FedEx/Purolator/UPS etc.? I don't need it in...
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    gourmet food gift baskets - recos?

    anyone got recommendations for a company that does these that actually has GOOD food in them? price range isn't that high, maybe about 40 bucks per basket max.
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    FS: Ikea desk - $50

    Desk is in great condition. see craigslist posting here for pic.
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    FS: gorgeous leather couch

    Beautiful and stylish soft leather couch Colour: eggplant (looks black in most lighting situations) Condition: excellent (just over a year old) Brand: Lane Furniture Paid: $1900 Asking: $950 Buyer must arrange pick-up - we're near bloor and ossington PM if interested Here's a link to...
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    Rob Ford does it again

    though honestly, it was really just an attempt at a compliment that came out all wrong because he's an ignorant douchebag, so even as an "oriental" person i find it hard to get actually offended. does anyone take this guy seriously anyways? from...
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    FS: beautiful wooden armoire

    Beautiful and modern 2.5 year old wooden armoire / wardrobe, in excellent condition, originally paid $1400 at Urban Barn. Asking $800 OBO. Purchaser must arrange for pick-up. PM if interested! Details - sturdy solid wood frame, crown, and drawers - drawers lined with soft felt -...