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  1. praktik

    Praktik Swayze - Low Earth Orbitals (Deep Tech House / UK Garage)

    Hey everyone - got a mix I've been working like crazy on the last month or so, been on a bit of DJ mix creative tear lately on the back of some new acquisitions and a newly organized collection of wax that enabled me to more carefully select the right gems and diamonds to have on standby to...
  2. praktik

    Praktik Swayze - The Junction City Beat

    Giving the world a taste of what went down at the Junction City Music Hall on November 1st 2019 for the Local Source party put on by myself, Sextone, Throwing Shapes and Matic. 21 tracks of techno, electro and darker tech-house vibes with tracks 9-17 being the core of the Praktik Swayze setlist...
  3. praktik

    Praktik Swayze - Dawn of Bodhi (Electro-Synth-Italo)

    Been working on this set for a few months now and super happy to share it! Comprised of synth heavy gems that are inspired by the sounds of electro, disco and italo and all with a bit of a nostalgic vibe but updated with a modern edge. 80s tunes transposed for the new millenium! Within you'll...
  4. praktik

    Kickass Monster Computer Case + Accessories - Silverstone TJ11 - Tribe Nice Price $395 OBO

    Hey Tribe! Got the kind of case that most people won't need but a few people would really like! Which kind of people? These kinds: You want a case that can hold 15+ hard drives for some massive server You want a case that can hold two power supplies You want a case that can hold an E-ATX...
  5. praktik

    Karla Houser + Local Source - April 26 - Junction City Music Hall - Dundas W

    Come check us out! - FREE! Hello good music lovers, On Friday, April 26th, please join us for the 2nd edition of LOCAL SOURCE, with special guest Karla Houser and support from Darrin Be aka D-Züs. Curated by a core crew of long-time DJs and producers Neil Mooney, Bob Sexton, Jonathan Swayze...
  6. praktik


    Box of Kittens Pres: Mike Servito (Bunker NY) Thought I'd bring some life back to the subforum Who's with me tonight??
  7. praktik

    Praktik Swayze - The Wayz of the Swayz [LOCALSOURCE 001]

    Inspired by the inaugural Local Source event in Toronto's West End February 2019 and the sounds I dropped as Praktik Swayze there, here is the first edition of the Local Source Mix Series. A special curation of techno and house and echoes of acid awaits listeners in this first installment: The...
  8. praktik

    New York Times and the Return of Astrology

    New York Times and the Return of Astrology Steven Novella | Neurologica A recent opinion piece in the New York Times by Krista Burton is perhaps one sign of recent social trends – increasing belief in things like astrology, especially among millennials. Burton provides some insight into this...
  9. praktik

    Praktik Swayze - Evasive Maneuvers [Space Techno]

    Whipped this up on a tour through some decidedly german sections of my collection - and just had to start a set with a sample from a movie I'll give a gold star to whomever can name from hearing it. Had a few gems I wanted to stitch together too - especially towards the end. The pic I used for...
  10. praktik

    Praktik Swayze vs DJ Sextone - Groove Concordance

    Hey tribe! Cut this nice journey through different layers of house and techno out of a longer recent jam with my buddy, known here as Surfer Joe! Enjoy
  11. praktik

    LF: 90's dance vinyl lot

    Just leaving this here as I'd love to grab a lot from someone selling some of the most popular/fun 90s dance tracks, yknow, the big ones But hey, rarities are - of course - very cool and not a problem. Just want to do some 90s vinyl mixes and figure its easiest if I get a lot from someone...
  12. praktik

    Home Theatre Speaker repair?

    Been doing some light googling on the subject as I took over some real killer Mission Towers from my dad and one of them arrived needing some work around one of the speaker cones - easy repair. But you know, aside from Bay Bloor Radio and this guy who looks awesome in Cobourg - really not...
  13. praktik

    Experts find climate-skeptic and anti-GMO studies are scientifically flawed

    Experts find climate-skeptic and anti-GMO studies are scientifically flawed Thursday, September 7, 2017 By Mark Lynas Although many papers have been published claiming that genetically engineered (GMO) foods are harmful and that humans aren't changing the climate, not a single one of them...
  14. praktik

    Canadian Natural Law Party Blows Bull Balls

    Look at these hippies:
  15. praktik

    Rocket League

    Who plays? If anyone's on steam I'd be down for Hoops or Standard some time
  16. praktik

    Reddit Sleuth's Latest Fail: Believing they saw movie that doesn't exist

    Hundreds of people are convinced that they have seen a movie that never existed JACOB SHAMSIAN DEC 23, 2016, 3:41 AM If you fondly remember the early-1990s film “Shazaam,” starring the comedian Sinbad as an incompetent genie who tries to help out two young children — then you are wrong. Not...
  17. praktik

    Yemen is starving, with our help

    Starving Yemen By DANIEL LARISON • September 29, 2016, 12:27 PM • Link The full-length video of Nawal al-Maghafi’s report on Yemen’s worsening humanitarian catastrophe can be viewed below: The video shows the story previously mentioned in this BBC article that I commented on earlier this...
  18. praktik

    Think you live an authentic life? Think again, you don't got nothing on these clowns

    One of my fave places on FB, Contrived Platitudes, posted this today and figured its worth sharing here. Was written almost a year ago but what the fuck To Hell With Vox's Victorian-Living Idiots Adam Prosk | 9/10/15 5:03pm | Link | The Concourse Yesterday, Vox published a first-person essay...
  19. praktik

    Byyyye Bye! RIP Mclaughlin

    John McLaughlin, "Mr. T of TV journalism,” dead at 89. Sad to hear the news. I had a feeling something was up when last week a notice came up and said the show would go on without him, but he'd be back as soon as he was able. This past year there were a few days you could tell it...
  20. praktik

    Animal-free meat - around the corner. Vegan Carnivores could exist!

    Meet the guy who envisions a ‘meat brewery’ to help solve a global problem Bruce Friedrich, 46, is the executive director of the Good Food Institute and managing trustee of New Crop Capital, which both promote restructuring the meat industry away from animal slaughter. He lives in Washington...