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    Decadence 6!

    yes yes. it's the first time out for me in YEARS... I'm hoping that the guv crowd isn't as horrific as I remember.
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    Honeymoon Ideas!

    We actually did a honeymoon cruise through the Carribbean during peak hurricane season. There are some real benefits to doing that: - cheap as hell, we paid $1000 for the biggest balcony suite - very little rain, the cruise ships actually plot their course according to the weather forecast...
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    another break for home buyers

    Dear Will....where have you been all my life? This sounds totally do-able if us and the vendors were tight...but i've had very minimal contact with him, he's acting on power of attorney for his daughter, and his agent still hasn't given me interest back on my deposit.
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    how to forward your hotmail emails

    I just look at my hotmail account, and it looked like it was an option under Options > More Options > Manage Account > Forward mail to another email account Am I missing something?
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    another break for home buyers

    I didn't even know about this until Jake did the post today. Is it too late to do something about it at this point?
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    another break for home buyers

    I wish... http://www.rev.gov.on.ca/english/notices/ltt/0207.html "This proposal to include resale homes would be effective for agreements of purchase and sale entered into after December 13, 2007." I guess you enter into an agreement to purchase when you sign the offer documents (incl any...
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    another break for home buyers

    rob...you missed the Toronto LTT, but you probably paid the Ontario LTT as part of your closing costs (because that was the norm) As of Dec 14, 2007 though, first-time home buyers can ALSO get a rebate for the Ontario LTT up to $2000. Unfortunately, they start counting the date based on the...
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    Masterminds; history channel

    >ahem< Dora used to DIRECT on that show too ;) And i'm totally excited b/c that Nevada story is MY story!!! I found and researched the story, and talked to his cohort and everything, and talked to his scary mafia lawyer dude. Very exciting to deal with criminals I must say... There's a...
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    Mstrkrft @ Til

    f*in RIGHT! I saw them at Vfest last year and never got another chance to see them live... not sure about hitting Labour of Love so this is PERFECT...all Mstrkrft, all night! WEEEEEEEEEEE!
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    Travel question: last minute flights

    http://www.oasishongkong.com/ca/en/home.aspx I have never flown with them before, but those prices are a f*ckin steal! I can't tell what the catch is yet, maybe insane taxes on top or something. They came up a few weeks ago on travelzoo but they are useless to me since they are only to/from...
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    What do you do with Old Computers ?

    I don't know about wiping out all the HD info, but I like to take my computers to Reboot. They help train people and give them employable skills, and you get a donation receipt at the end of the year.
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    The I'm Too Retarded to Shop on My Own thread

    The Mighty Shark Apparently great for pet hair...
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    Live Earth on CTV

    Yeah the US sucks for coverage. I have basic cable so about 70 some odd channels, and I won't get anything until 8pm for "highlights". It's friggin Saturday, like anyone else has anything better to air! So my mother's been cruising through all the live streams on MSN. You'll be happy to know...
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    Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip

    Totally agree, I was really hoping it would be a crazy dramatic ending - since they had all this crazy set up leading up to it. The nice ending feels like a cop out, but really what else could you do when it all has to end in one neat episode. I'm gonna miss this show...
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    I just got stood up...again.

    ...if i was single... i'd totally try this: www.greatboyfriends.com Apparently Oprah endorses it. It's sad though that the best looking guy on pg 1 was recommended by this mother!
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    Vertical farming

    Toronto version Like this? http://www.torontoist.com/archives/2007/06/is_toronto_a_fu.php and look Ma - no cows!
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    mortgage news

    Wow - there are still rates out there that start with 4? This is very reassuring... Does your mortgage allow for an aggressive early repayment plan? I've been really tempted by the ING mortgage where you can add up to 25% of your original principal a year!
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    are you excited? i'm excited, for:

    ..and I've never been to a DJ workshop etc, so I'm dying to see the two of them talk about Techno as Black American culture, I don't usually get to hear big name DJs talk about it from a sociological standpoint.
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    are you excited? i'm excited, for:

    Finding cool shows in Raleigh, NC It's not a major pit stop for shows, but thankfully there are a few rarities here and there, and bonus - it's a small venue - the size of Lee's Palace... The Rapture was here a few months ago Flaming Lips just came by Sloan in a few weeks - for $10...
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    Canadians Travelling Within the US Question

    you won't have a problem on the flight from BUF to NYC because there's only security check, no customs border. BUT how do you expect to get into the US by land without a passport? I thought even at the car bridges they check for passports now