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  1. alexd

    Check out the tribe magazine LEGACY exhibit at https://tribe.ca/legacy

    I've started digitizing film and transparencies shot from 1993 to about 2003. I'm releasing them daily and putting them on an exhibit page at tribe magazine photo exhibit I haven't seen these since I shot them, and I've waited until the technology was sufficiently adequate to digitize them...
  2. alexd

    Does a plugin for Audacity exist (or a method) to improve a stereo image?

    Does a plugin for Audacity exist (or a method) to improve a stereo image? To increase spatial depth?
  3. alexd

    Coronavirus outbreak tracker

    It's scaling fast. I suspect the infection numbers coming out of China are underestimated.
  4. alexd

    The Jade Grinder by tribe

    The Jade Grinder by tribe. This grinder contains a half pound of 9999 FINE SILVER set with a 271 carat jade cabochon. Silver from the Royal Canadian Mint, Jade from British Columbia. Made in Canada. Want one? Go here for a quote: https://tribe.ca/contact-us/
  5. alexd

    Model 1 - Sterling Silver Cannabis Grinder by tribe

    Model 1 is our main grinder model for 2020. Just under a half pound of Sterling Silver. Peened cutting surfaces. Butler finish. Comes with a butter-soft leather grinder pouch. It's all Made in Canada. This model retails for $1000 CAD. They take two weeks to manufacture and finish. See more...
  6. alexd

    Jagmeet junk mail

    NDP faces possible fine for misusing voters list | CBC News https://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/ndp-elections-voters-list-breach-1.5399394?__vfz=medium%3Dsharebar
  7. alexd

    Admin Notice: Some minor board plugin upgrades will happen today and tomorrow

    I will be implementing a local ad plugin which will allow us to serve our own ad units without having to touch out to the duopoly (Google/Facebook). This means we will host and serve whatever ads you will see here from our own servers. These will have no duopoly or 3rd party tracking or...
  8. alexd

    Half Pound Sterling Silver Cannabis Grinder with 50mm Jade cabochon

    Working on this cannabis grinder now. Over a half pound of sterling silver in the grinder AND a large (50mm) BC Jade cabochon set in the flip side. Our cutter is cutting & polishing this jade right now. In this video I talk about BC Jade, and how we will cut, polish, and set it in the grinder...
  9. alexd

    That 15 page William B. Taylor letter is amazing.

    A real inside scoop into how US foreign policy is being fucked from the inside. https://www.washingtonpost.com/context/opening-statement-of-ambassador-william-b-taylor/6b3a6edf-f976-4081-ba7f-bce45468a3ff/
  10. alexd

    18K solid yellow gold cannabis seed ear studs by tribe of canada

    Every seed is different, and we picked the largest and most interesting we could find out of an entire pound of seeds we got from a Canadian grower to create these amazing ear studs. Gender neutral. Made in Canada. A great Christmas gift for your favorite cannabis lover. Drop me an email...
  11. alexd

    925 silver cannabis grinder by tribe

    The half pound silver grinder by tribe. Something to give to your kid someday. Or not, depending. Over half a pound of 925 silver, micro sandblasted to a matte finish. Bearing Canada's National Precious Metals Mark, which is our country's highest symbol of quality in precious metals. Personal...
  12. alexd

    Did anyone grow a plant outside this year? Or 4?

    I grew one from a seedling someone gave me, CBDurban variety from Canuk Seeds. Never grown a cannabis plant to flower before but I had a really good experience with it and no issues except for Gary, a neighborhood groundhog (put up a short chicken wire barrier). I harvested today and got two...
  13. alexd

    Alternatives to Mixcloud?

    It seems now mixcloud are charging for access or downloads or uploads. Any other hosts out there that can handle DJ mixes for free?
  14. alexd

    Anybody else go to this year's Karma Cup?

    Went both days to see whether I should sponsor next year for the cannabis accessories brand. I'd never been before. I liked the vibe a lot. It reminded me of good parties during the rave days. I even ran across DJ Everfresh who is now working in the industry. I brought down a gold dabbing nail...
  15. alexd

    Karma Cup is on right now

    Last Day! If you are a canna fan, it's worth a look. Was there yesterday and it was packed. If you are an extract person there are amazing varieties. 412 Church St.
  16. alexd

    Charles Kabouth and Ink Entertainment trying to get into legal cannabis industry?

    I don't know if any of you have been following Ontario's cannabis lottery debacle where many of the most recent lottery "winners" in the application process turned out to be the same applicant under aliases, aliases from existing licensed provider players, and aliases from the CAFE dispensary...
  17. alexd

    Is mixcloud better than soundcloud for DJs?

    I want to dump a bunch of tribe mixes into a central place where people can download them for free. Where's the best place for me to do this?
  18. alexd


    Mic check!
  19. alexd

    Admin Notice: The New Site Software

    Hi there: Thanks to the marvelous technical skillz of Heliox, the operating system and fixins has been upgraded. The board software has also been upgraded to the next version. Many of you, who have been through previous version upgrades, know how different looking a new version can be. You'll...