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    WeGoDeep w/ Andy Caldwell @ Century Room

    Wicked night. Totally wasn't what i was expecting from Andy, but he rocked it proper! He more on an electro tip, but still had that deep goodness that we are all familiar with. So good! Mr. Jive set the tone nicely to get everyone movin, good job brotha! I wish i could remember the name...
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    car rental companies...

    that don't require credit cards, anyone know of any? Merci! Preferably in the GTA of course
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    Mischief & Frankie Live on SJIRadio! 6:30pm Tuesday

    Mischief & Frankie Live on SJIRadio! | 6:30pm tonight! Tune in at 6:30pm!! www.SJIRadio.com Channel 1
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    animated .gif

    How do i make the file smaller? I tried photoshop, but when i tried to open it, it said it's an animated gif and that i will only be able to view one frame. I'm trying to make the file smaller so i can make it a smily on msn (it only accepts files that are 150kb or smaller)
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    Mischief's wow, it's June top 10 chizzzzart!

    Here it is.. Vernon & Dacosta | Heartbreaker (no assembly firm rmx) | Uniform Lawnchair Generals | The Truth Remixes (sneak, moralez, carrier) | Lowdown LiL Mark | Montage | Aesoteric ECB feat Heather | Picture of you (Hodges' sticky picture rmx) | Blackcherry Amerie |...
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    Mischief and Frankie ----> May 2005 @ Boa

    Sup kiddies, This mix will only be up for a limited time so please get it while you can. 1. Induceve | Jazz Chops 2. David Panda feat Cecilia Stalin | Sister Supreme (Fred Everything Rmx) 3. Pat Nice | Give up the goods 4. Dong | Thank you, Bitches 5. ???? | ???? 6...
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    Ok, so i went to Montreal on Tuesday, after going out, my friends went to this joint, picked up some poutine and brought it back to where we were staying. IT WAS THE BEST POUTINE EVER. This was no normal poutine, it was poutine on steroids. 3 meats, green peppers, 3 diff kinds of cheese...
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    All Hail...

    KING HODGES. Jason destroyed Boa last night. No words can explain that throwdown, the best part is that he's a local and he played 10 times better than ANY dj i've heard in the last little while. Wake the f*ck up Toronto, you have no idea what kind of talent we have. Stu rocked that...
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    Derrick Carter, Sneak, Luke Solomon..

    With Gryphon & Hodges.. Somewhere.... next month. That is all. :D
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    Mischief's "don't be a damn fool" April Chizzart!

    Greeenskeepers | Toyland ep | Vista Funky Transport/Jonee q | Mixed up (Style of eye rmx) | Classic LiL Mark | No Numerical Order | Doubledown Jake Childs feat Ayana Mack | Someone else (mischief's tdot springtime hijack) | CDR Special Forces | Family Business (Jason Hodges...
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    Mike Tyson's Punchout

    Well, sort of.. good time waster. http://www.frusion.com/game.asp Sorry if this was posted before.
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    FS: Velvet Revolver ticket for tomorrow

    Hey kids, A friend of mine is not able to attend the show tomorrow, so she is selling her ticket. Date - Thursday March 24th, 2005 Venue - Copps Coliseum Seat - 2nd row Price - $65 Show starts at 7, doors open at 6. Opening act: Three days grace If interested, pm me or email me...
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    For all you beotches who wanna find shiznit

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    Windows XP question

    My stupid brother, in the process of creating another user account, has changed my account from administrator, to limited. I can't get a hold of him and i need to install a program but it won't let me. Are there any "tricks" to get around this? Thanks!!
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    Photoshop ?uestion

    What the best way to make paint splatters? Merci.
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    Windows XP folder problem

    Ok, i'm going to try and explain this the best way i can...... I did a system recovery procedure on my pc cause there was something wrong with it, everything is fine now except, I can't access my old folders. When I try to go into my old folders, it says "access denied" "file is not...
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    Mischief & Frankie | January at Boa

    Sup y'all, Finally got around to hosting this mix from our January cd release party at Boa. Enjoy. Peace, Mischief Tracklisting: 1. The Starbuck Jones Experience | A Beautiful Thing | SJ 2. Joey Youngman | No shame | Lowdown 3. JT Donaldson | Trust Me...
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    Adobe photoshop question

    How can i make the background color of a design i'm doing look like metal? Thanks in advance!
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    Feb 12 Da Reel Mix @ Surface with ONDRAY, SAGE, D-SYFA etc

    Gonna pop by this and check out Sage before I play at Boa. Word is he'll be droppin' some sweet, sweet acid goodness, along with other shizz.
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    The new (?) Muchmusic VJ

    She's pretty hot! I never watch MM, but was flippin thru it a few minutes ago. She was the one that was doing the interview with SUM 41. Hot.