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    Is there any point in trying to teach in this province?

    So after many years in university I am finally all adult like and graduated and qualified to teach Grades 7-12 English, History and Society and Culture. While all my friends from school Down Under all have full time jobs already, I am struggling here with even getting an interview. Is there...
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    How do you put videos into Powerpoint Presentations?

    I am doing a lesson on Pharaohs in Ancient Egypt and want to put video clips of the internet (youtube) into my powerpoint presentation. How the hell do ya do it? Is it even possible? Thanks for your computer knowledgery. I am bankrupt in that department.
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    Help with watching/finding TV shows online?

    I'm currently in a murderous rage. Having promised myself a completed assignment would lead into watching last weeks The Office and 90210 episodes online has proved a disasterous outcome. The whole time i have been here I have been watching these shows on YouTube, but for some reason...
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    Happy Birthday Boss Hog!

    Happy Birthday Chris! Happy birthday to a fellow Aquarian (it is why it would never work out between us, ;) ) who always has sage advice and is willing to call me on my bullshit. You're a terrific writer and a wonderful friend. Best wishes!
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    Would you rather: Barf on a date? or Pee the bed at a sleepover?

    apparently these are pressing issues for teenagers under 14. Whilst reading J-14 (teeny bopper magazine...dont ask) they had a "Would you Rather?" section. One of the questions was exactly that. Would you Rather: Throw up on a Date or Pee the Bed at a sleepover? To me this was a non...
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    Brandon Crisp Found

    They just has a latebreaking update on CTV news. He's dead. :(
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    The Goodnight Kiss

    What is its deal? Why is it so awkward? How can you have a good evening of beers and idle chit chat, then have a totally awkward last 15 mins, where you dont want to be the one to lean in, and they dont want to be the one to lean in, but you both wanna kiss so bad? The goodnight kiss is...
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    Why everyone should have a serving job atleast once in their life

    Im not sure if the people who sidle up to a bar are socially inept in all areas of their lives, or if there is some inexplicable phenomenon that happens to people once they open the heavy wooden doors of a pub and walk that long, lonely walk to the bar that turns them into inconsiderate, self...
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    Didja wanna talk about Lush products?

    This is probably something for the Girls Stuff Forum, but I never go in there. I have always enjoyed the smells eminating out of that store and I have been using their Karma Cream from a while, but I actually went in and bought some of the solid shampoo and conditioner the other day...
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    FS: 2001 Kawasaki Ninja 500R

    2001 Kawasaki Ninja 500R For Sale! Perfect condition, Lady ridden, never been dropped. 25,000 kms New Tire on Front Comes with saddle bags. Dark Purple in colour. Great on Insurance, Excellent on gas! 1.37 a litre goes far with this bike! Sadly have to sell, as I am moving out of the...
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    2 Edgefest Tickets-120$ for the pair

    Edgfest, July 12th, Downsview Park. Stone Temple Pilots Linkin Park Flatliners Attack in Black Sam Roberts...etc. PM me if you want them! I can meet you Friday July 11th to pick them up sometime in the afternoon.
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    So I'm Mcing a wedding next week...any veterans in here?

    I know the whole "dont try and be too funny", "don't drink too much", "no jokes about ex-girlfriends and bad sex".... but what the crap do I have to do? anyone here MC a wedding before? It's my cousings wedding, whom I'm really close to, but I have never done this before, I've only ever...
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    IDing songs in commercials?

    anyone know who sings/what the songs are called in: The Walmart commercial about walking for kids (the lyrics are like "darling, I can't take your thirst away, but I can lead you to the sea...") and that Rogers commercial where the kid cant sleep so he's watching hockey with his dad ("I'm...
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    It's about that time....I'm moving in with Todd.

    Tommorow morning at 7am. first thing is me having a hot tub session (sports ruining my body all weekend) second step: getting drunk and being cordial. third step: friends over for drinks! i would say you can watch my experience online but i don't want alex to accuse me of spammin y'all...
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    Happy Birthday Sunnykins!

    I am 45 mins early..but what the hell, you are worth all the extra loving! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY LOVE!!! it's been a hell of an 8 years, but i love every moment of everything I have experienced with you thus far. Here's to many years of us getting older and more responsible (ugh) and sharing cute...
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    If you are in in media (radio/print/tv/internet) can you help me?

    I know, I know...it's for that mutha-effing contest again. BUT my individual assignment was assigned to me today and between right now and this Friday morning at 6:30 (when I am due to be at the edge studios) i need to be in as many forms of media professing my love for Todd as possible. Can...
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    We Did It~thank You!!

    Hoorrraayyy! Thanks to everyone who helped me out with the edge contest! I made it to the next round which starts next week! All that annoying voting helped push me through to the next round! yippeee guys! So now it's video interview and photshoot time, followed by head to head competition...
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    Douglas Coupland's e-mail address?

    I tried searching his official site but i don't think it's on there. Do i need to go through his publisher or something? Has anyone ever emailed an author before?
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    the joys of showering publicly!

    so now that i am working out 3 days a week at school, i have taken to showering before my next class (cuz im considerate like that). it took me a couple times to work up the nerve to shower in front of everyone, but after i took the plunge this week I EFFING LOVE IT! honestly. walking around...
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    so i got this new computer..

    this might get kicked into the tech thread but whatevs.. so i got this new computer and i cant really figure out how to work crap. i am pretty incompetant with electronics/technology so i turned it on and i see it has itunes and messanger and all that crap on it. so i tried to activate...