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  1. The Kid

    Single ticket for TFC tomorrow (May 9) face value $45

    Just like the title says, can send electronic or meet up Parkdale/LV with original. PM if interested, thanks.
  2. The Kid

    TRIBE crashing chrome...

    Is this happening to anyone else? Every time I click a thread on tribe it crashes my chrome and I have to cntrl-alt-del to get it to work...
  3. The Kid

    Bilingual (Quebec French) Customer Service Rep

    IMMEDIATE opening at my firm, looking for bilingual customer service rep - MUST speak Quebec French. Competitive pay and great company to work for, PM me for more details. Thanks!
  4. The Kid

    LF: iPhone 4s (black) 32G

    Preferrably one that has not been dunked in water ;) Cheers. le kidskii
  5. The Kid

    XBMC / Kodi

    Just like the title says, anyone using? Thinking about giving it a shot primarily for streaming content - advice, tips and/or tricks appreciated! Cheers... le kidskii
  6. The Kid

    Outlook Webmail Question

    Hey y'all... am working from home for the month and so have a quick question regarding outlook. We use godaddy for webmail and my work box is an iMac running Outlook. I use a PC at home, and have Outlook installed. If I set up my work email acount (godaddy webmail) will it mirror or sync...
  7. The Kid

    HALP! iPhone 5 Unlocking

    So my old phone bit the dust, my boss gave me an iPhone 5 which will work on wind (I've checked) but it's locked to Rogers. What is the absolute fastest way of getting it unlocked and up and running? I haven't had a working phone for two weeks now...*twitch* Any help/suggestions greatly...
  8. The Kid

    FS: Middle Atlantic 14U Rolling Multi-Rack Sidecar

    For the gear heads, my pops had to downsize his studio, please PM me if interested, thanks guys! Middle Atlantic 14U Rolling Multi-Rack Sidecar - NEW PRICE | pro audio, recording equip | City of Toronto | Kijiji le kid
  9. The Kid

    Aroma Arizer V-Tower (vaporizer/vapourizer) - $80

    For sale *very* gently used vape... works great, just don't use it nearly as much as I thought I would so time for it to find a new home. Warming unit and power adapter 1 x Glass Cyclone Bowls 1 x Glass Potpourri Dish 1 x Screen Pk (Contains 1 flat/1Dome screens) 1 x Glass Stirring Tool...
  10. The Kid

    Best FREE PC games?!

    Any suggestions folks? :)
  11. The Kid

    Best "budget" laptop

    Looking to TRIBE for a little assistance/recommendations, am looking for a decent laptop for general use, web browsing, streaming, office, no heavy gaming but would like something that can handle graphics reasonable... looking to spend around $400 - any suggestions other than BestBuy et al? I...
  12. The Kid

    Go Jays! Retro Pullover (Nike Cooperstown) $40 (OBO)

    Are you a Blue Jays fan? Heading to a game soon but not quite warm enough for just a t-shirt? This gangster-ass retro blue jays pullover is for you! Bought it when I was at a game last year for work and literally haven't worn it once... brand new. Uploaded with ImageShack.us...
  13. The Kid

    Is this a good deal for home stereo?

    BBR Mozart System Priced out individually and seems like a good deal, plus they set up and deliver. Any thoughts? Considering adding a small sub... :)
  14. The Kid

    LF: Studio/1 Bedroom - Feb. 1 (downtown, west end)

    Hi TRIBE. Just like the title says, am looking for a studio/one bedroom for February 1, preferably downtown west end (Liberty Village, Parkdale, King West, Roncesvalles) but will consider other areas if close access to transit/subway line. Any help greatly appreciated, thank you...
  15. The Kid

    SaveUTel...anyone heard of these guys? Reviews?

    Anyone know anything about this company? SaveUTel Communications They promise to save on telecom bills, anyone tried them? Reviews? Seems a bit shady to me....
  16. The Kid

    VOIP for small business?

    Anyone got a recommendation for small business VOIP provider? Not a large company, 4-5 lines approx and looking for something very cost effective. Thanks in advance for any help! Cheers, TK
  17. The Kid

    HELP! Windows XP won't boot after attempting to remove Avast Antivirus...

    Hey guys, have googled and am still stuck... tried uninstalling Avast antivirus as instructed by going into safe mode in windows xp, now windows won't start, not even in safe mood, it boots to loading screen, bar moves across and then black screen and computer shuts down. FAAAACK. Any...
  18. The Kid

    Netbook Performance Boost

    Anyone have any experience with freeware like this: Welcome! Already noticed a pretty significant improvement on my netbook, wondering if anyone has other tips or tricks? Cheers! le kidskii
  19. The Kid

    UI Developer Role (Downtown Toronto) up to $1K Referral Bonus

    Toronto: UI Developers X4 (Int-Principal level) Job Description Our client is a high growth, leading enterprise technology company that build platforms that are used by many Fortune 1000. Located on TTC Multiple openings ranging for intermediate to principal-level UI engineers: Must...
  20. The Kid

    What is your favourite take out Chinese restaurant in (downtown) Toronto?

    Heya... anyone know if this place is still open or not? Tried calling number and can't get through... is my fav. Chinese in the city! :(