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    FS - Option Paloma Snowboard

    Hi guys, I have my 2006 Option Paloma Snowboard 147cm for sale $125. There are some scuffs around the edges as I rode it for 3 seasons but all in all its in great shape!! Here is a pic: I rode goofy so my stomp pad is on the left side..i don't know if you could rip it off or not...
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    Some clothes for cheap sale =)

    Hi ladies, I have a couple of things that have been just sitting in my closet wasting away so please help me out :) buffalo tube top with beads - size s - free classic luscious tank top - one size - $5 i love it but the color is brutal on me Gap lambswool long sweater - size xs - $10
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    FS: Dirty Dancing Tickets Sat July 5th

    I have two tickets for Dirty Dancing on Sat July 5th at 8pm Location: FBal E 28-29 Paid $120 each Selling for $200 for both PM me thanks :)
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    HAPPY BDAY Jeremy Jive

    Happy birthday old man! He turns 30 today and he couldn't be more excited!! He is even going in to work with a smile on his face ;) xox Have a great day and even better party this weekend!!!!!!!
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    Happy BDAY ~sarafina~ :)

    Happy 26 birthday babe!!! :) I know you are not on here too much but I hope you do some lurking today to see your bday thread!!! I'm sorry I cannot be with you today but I hope D is making your day very special cuz you deserve it!! LOVE YOU x 10000000!!!! xoxox :)
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    27 degrees at 650am!!!

    And according to the weather network...feels like 39!!!!!!:eek: Power consumption is gonna go thru the roof today!
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    Happy Bday Loress!!!!!

    Happy Birthday Lori :D:D:D I miss you and your crazy ways but I know you are having the adventure of a lifetime out west. I hope your roommates take good care of you on your first Vancouver birthday :p Can't wait til xmas to see ya xoxoxox
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    BRT Loress!

    HI lori, Empty your box! Or call me. I tried calling you today but I guess you guys don't have a machine. I need your address. xxoox
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    Laser Hair Removal

    Has anyone tried this yet? I have an appt to get my underarms done next week. I can't wait. I can't shave more than once every 9 days or so or else I get crazy ingrowns and terrible 5 o clock shadow, so I have been waxing for years and years. In the last couple months I seem to have developed...
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    HAPPY BDAY TO the watcher :)

    Happy 28th birthday baby!!! I've only known you since you were 25 but you still have a playful outlook on life, that is only outdone by your hot bod :p Tonight we celebrate in style; fajitas, red sauce and deep house :D I love you x 1000!!!!!!!!! ..and just because it's your bday, here is...
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    ***Happy Birthday~Loress~***

    Happy birthday Lori :) I am not a very eloquent writer, so I can't list off tons of great things about you in a flashy way, but I can say that you are one amazing woman and you keep everyone around you just as vibrant and smiling as you always are :D Here is to another year..I have no...
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    Happy BDAY to The Watcher!!~*~***

    Nick is turning 27 today!!!!! A very fun individual, Nick contributes to our society by always bringing his happiness, sense of good faith and an ass that never stops boogying :p :p :p Happy bday hun! Don't work too hard today!!!! :D ~xoxo~
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    I miss FOCUS at Charlies..

    Keeping in mind I have been hibernating the past little while.. I loved having something to do on a Saturday that was ALWAYS fun, ALWAYS a good time, and ALWAYS awesome talent. I was just looking through some pictures and it reminded me of what a fun night Dan had going there. I just...
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    **Happy Birfday VOTE QUIMBY**

    Dear Brett, Having met you only 1.5 years ago, you certainly have managed to make me feel very special with all the teasing and joking that entails our relationship :p You bring a lot of insight, humour and sarcasm to this board..and for that..we love you :D Happy Birthday old man hehe...
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    WTB: 1 or 2 Labour of Love Tix

    IF anyone has any extra tix they are looking to get rid of, please PM me :) I would be able to meet up sometime this evening before the party..heading downtown around 7. :) Thanks in advance!
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    =random thought of the day=

    When you take a nap mid-day, does it count as catching up on sleep from the night before? Or does it count as sleep for the night coming up? dum dum dum.... :)
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    how do you s p e l l KAREOKE?

    :p So I went to a bar yesterday that was having a kareoke night. :D I swore I wasn't going to sing..but I did. OHHH I did. :eek: It's almost infectious..looking through those pages of songs..how can you NOT sing. I definetley noticed some pretty hardcore kareoke singers..gettin...
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    I'm addicted to CINNAMON HEARTS)(*!(*@#)

    I can't stop eating them!! CAN'T STOP! :eek: My tongue is red and sore and I'm hopped on teh sugarrrrr!!
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    I am going to be heading out to Banff in February and I was hoping for some info from some of you that have been there. I know there are 3 mountains..well I think anyhow. Lake Louise, Sunshine Village and something else. I was wondering if anyone could tell me which mountain has the best...
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    I had a dream it was the end of the world

    I had a dream the world was about to end last night.. they were going to bomb around Ontario and send us capulting into space to blow up :( or they were going to create a tsunami and flood us out cuz we are right by the lake :( :( the earth was shaking and it was really scary. I was...