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    Farewell Kevin (R4V4G3D_SKU11S) :*-(

    Like so many others in this thread, haven't been back here in years but I had this compulsion to come back here and knew something would be here (thanks Tommy). I met Kev, Sarah, Liz, Jane and many other people who became my closest friends at the infamous Tribe kegger of 2000 (so weird to me...
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    Toronto's "New Blue Edge"? Design over functionality?

    alex, do you mean this structure? 50 Reasons To Love Toronto: No. 13, Sherbourne Common is changing the waterfront | From the Print Edition | torontolife.com not sure it's really intended as a playground and from what i hear there's more plans for actual green space along there.
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    Recommend me a cocktail

    That's what she said
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    we want to adopt a dog! A smallish poodle or cross breed

    a friend just adopted a really sweet rescue dog from http://loyalrescueinc.blogspot.com/
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    RubiCON on AMC

    this recap pretty much sums it up: Rubicon Recap: Intelligence Failure -- Vulture
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    RubiCON on AMC

    NEWSFLASH: something finally happens on Rubicon
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    Question for the steak experts

    graham - go to sanagan's in kensington. i saw some 40 day aged porterhouses there yesterday and their meat is all local and consistently good and well-priced. cumbrae's is a ripoff.
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    Copyright Legislation Tomorrow....AKA Prentice Mulroney sold us out

    new copyright bill released - Balanced Copyright - Government of Canada Introduces Proposals to Modernize the Copyright Act
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    Toronto welcomes a new movie theatre, Underground Cinema

    highsteppa - yup, the former golden classics (now called the acacia centre, which is way less cool). the space is great and they seem to have fixed some of the sound issues we had when we screened the bjork film and joy division doc there in the winter (liz, the temperature was much more...
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    The final season of BREAKING BAD

    holy crap. that episode floored me. amazing. i agree, who else but gus could have known?
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    moving sale - selling a whole whack of stuff!

    patio chairs gone, but table remains chair and printer further reduced
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    moving sale - selling a whole whack of stuff!

    update: desk is gone printer price reduced: Canon Pixma IP4200 Colour Photo Inkjet Printer chair price reduced: plush la-z-boy recliner
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    moving sale - selling a whole whack of stuff!

    We're moving, everything has to go - we're selling the following (see link for CL postings with pics): plush la-z-boy recliner - plush la-z-boy recliner patio furniture set (chairs and table) - patio furniture set ikea birch corner desk - IKEA CORNER DESK canon pixma ip4200 colour...
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    FS: vinyl collection - late 90s/early 00s trance/techno/ukhardhouse/prog!

    posting this on behalf of a friend: I am selling approximately 200 records that includes a large selection of trance, uk hardhouse, and techno from the late 90s. Handful of dnb records too. Tons of gems/rare tracks. Most in mint or good condition. Want to sell as a batch for $250 obo...
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    toronto restos w. private dining rooms

    thanks everyone for the ideas so far!
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    toronto restos w. private dining rooms

    Hi peeps; need to plan a dinner for 25-30, we're looking for a nice restaurant downtown that has good food with a private dining space. we wanted canoe but it was a bit too pricey. any suggestions welcome!
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    Top 10 things that drive you crazy at the office

    misuse/overuse of the "high importance" exclamation mark for completely unimportant emails
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    Giambrone admits affair

    link to audio of statement
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    The Documentary Thread

    Joy Division fans heads up: Grant Gee's documentary Joy Division is screening this Friday: http://www.imagesfestival.com/event.php?id=409&year=2010&month=2
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    i also really liked adventureland. especially nice to see martin starr getting roles after freaks and geeks. recently caught the trotsky at the canada's top ten festival - i highly recommend it. jay baruchel plays a high school kid who thinks he's the reincarnation of leon trotsky and sets...