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  1. J

    Free Fisher Price Aquarium Swing

    I'm giving away a Fisher Price aquarium swing, similar to the one at Toys"R"Us - Fisher-Price Cradle 'N Swing - Ocean Wonders although lighter in colour. The only issue with it is that the on/off switch doesn't work properly so you have to pop the battery in/out to shut it off, hence why I'm...
  2. J

    Drowning in fabric: Please take it off of my hands

    I have a kitchen catcher sized bag of fabric. There are some scraps, some pieces that are a yard or more. Various colours and types. This is perfect for a novice sewer than needs fabric to practice on. Free and pick up only: I live by Harbourfront. Please PM me or respond here if you are...
  3. J

    Happy Birthday silver1!

    Sorry that you aren't feeling well on your special day, but I hope your day goes well otherwise. All the best for the best husband and father a person can ask for.
  4. J

    Happy Birthday silver1!

    Well, it's almost over, but at least I was able to post the message before the day ended. Hope you had a great day, although it will be hard for me to top your gift this year! Love you and hope the year is wonderful for you as well.
  5. J

    Happy Birthday silver1

    Happy Birthday Tommy! We'll celebrate in style with UFC and Hulla. Hope it's a wonderful year for you. Love you lots. Sandy
  6. J

    Free: Jabra Handsfree Headset from Telus

    A picture can be found here. Never used and still in the original package, got it free from Telus and I have no use for it. Only thing is that if you want it, you will have to pick it up. I live downtown. PM me if you are interested.
  7. J

    Mirror for sale

    It is in great shape, but I don't have the space for it. I spent $45 on this and am asking $20. I'd prefer for it to be picked up, but I can deliver it if you don't live too far away(downtown). PM me or email me at sandyc75 @rogers.com (minus the space).
  8. J

    Happy Birthday silver1!

    To the bestest husband on earth, hope you get everything you wish for and more. :D
  9. J

    Duran Duran@ Kool Haus

    Unfucking believable! Thought it would be mostly new stuff they have been working on but I'm glad I was wrong. From Rio, Reflex, Wild Boys, Girls on film, Hungry like a wolf and many other songs of old, I'm so glad I went and didn't cave to people willing to pay up to $500 for a ticket in...
  10. J

    Happy Birthday silver1

    Well, what can be said that hasn't already? Happy birthday, I hope it's as awesome as you are.