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    51" Hitachi Rear Projection Widescreen

    TV is approximately 3yrs old in perfect condition. Crystal clear images, perfect for movies and video games. Many great features like split screen, picture in picture....plus TV sits on wheels so very easy to move. Must sell!!! Asking $750
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    51" Hitachi Widescreen HDTV Rear Projection

    The TV is 3yrs old and in perfect condition. I recently moved and the TV won't fit down the custom staircase so I need to sell it. Anyone interested? Asking $900 OBO
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    PS3 Question

    Once an online profile is created....can you transfer that to another PS3 console? And how? And can you have the online profile running off 2 consoles? I have 2 consoles and want to be able to play on both.
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    Bachelorette Party Ideas? Male Strip Joints?

    I'm throwing a Bachelorette Party and I need ideas. Where do you go in the city? Strip Joints? Are there any male strip joints out there? Help!
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    Do you think its rude when.....

    When people come by my cubicle, I noticed that sometimes they will glance at my computer screen. Some will glance right away and some will after several minutes in a conversation. Personally I never glance at anyone's screen except for the ones I have to manage. But there is this one...
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    Wireless Router Help....

    I have a wireless router for my PS2 and I find that I often get booted (disconnected) especially during the evenings. Someone told me the other day that I should set up some firewall with some code to block other people from using my connection. Is this true? Can people close by use my...
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    Computer accessories & other items for sale...

    Logitech Wingman 3D Flight Stick Controller - $40 Altec Lansing Speakers and Bass Box - $40 Logitech Internet Keyboard - $10 All together - $80 Black & Decker Flavour Steamer - $15 Pasta Maker - $15 Futon - $ 75
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    Wow, I didn't expect such a great turn out. Arrived shortly after midnight and the place was pretty full. I must say, the place was full of energy and it hasn't been like that in a while. And it was great to see some of the old faces/regulars. Tunes were great.....Dekoze really rocked it...
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    Why do people have to ruin my game.....

    I am hooked on Socom but I hate the BS that comes with it!!! I just want to play a friggin game but I keep getting harrassed, kids won't shut up....ARG!!!....and I hate team killers for no friggin reason!!
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    Need some answers quick...can anyone help!

    I know this thread has been all over the board several times but I need some answers. Anyone take a medical for life insurance recently? What did they take, blood, urine, hair...??? Did they specify what they were testing for? Help....someone........
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    Parrotlet(hand-raised)....miniture parrot....

    Parrotlet, not even a year old. Rare bird, from Central America. Very smart and lots of attitude. Smaller than a budgie, green with a blue stripe across the eyes. Cage (new deisgn with anti spill guard) accessories and all toys. Asking $300.
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    Just got in and wow, what a night. The place is looking great and the sound was wicked. Thank god the Backroom is back!! Missed the breaks so much!! Deko-ze laid down some serious beats too!!! My hubby and I danced our ass off!!
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    Ontario Coilition Against Poverty....WTF!!! I was just watching the news and I saw the most disgusting thing!! A bunch of OCAP protestors were shouting at...(forget his name) And over the years I see their protests on the news and it disgusts me. Why can't these people just work like...
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    Life Insurance Question

    Life Insurance When you buy a policy you are required to do a physical. I was told they also take a urine and blood sample. Does anyone know what they look for? Do they disclose this info to the Insurance rep? Do they find traces of anything, do they deny you a policy? HELP!!
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    Friday the 13th POEM!!!

    It's Friday the 13 and everything is scary, I looked between my legs, oh gosh, it's hairy, So I decide to shave it bald like a new born baby, As I start I slipped, there goes my labbie, So now I'm bleeding and it just won't stop, And I really hate mess so I reach for a mop, And again...
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    Sofa and Chair/TV shelf unit/Entertainment Shelf with Glass Doors

    I have a few items that I need to get rid of. Anyone interested in a sofa and chair? I need to get rid of it within a week or two, before my new sofa arrives. Its in great condition. The set sat in my livingroom where nobody goes for 2 years. Actually sat on for 6 months so still looks...
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    Has anyone ever worked in a hotel?

    Specifically the front desk. If you make a reservation at a hotel and they have corporate discounts for your company, do they actually look you up? Or do you provide them a business card and that's that?
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    Evil P 10 hours tribal set!

    The evening ended with mixed emotions....... Where were the people? And the peeps that did show up......well let's just say the crowd was not very impressive, creepy actually. I'm more a Friday goer but from what I remember, it was not the typical Sat crowd. Anyways the highlight of the...
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    Where to go? Parties?

    OK, I am planning a trip to BC sometime soon. Where to go, nightlife? Afterhours clubs? What kind of music? Anyone?
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    What to buy?

    I am relatively new to this style of music so I need some help. I want to buy a CD for a friend but what to buy? I am horrible with names so I have no clue of what artist to look for or track names. Any recommendations?