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    Raptors / Nets tonight Jan 6th

    Won two S 115 , row D seats Price on ticket is $121 each (assuming those are season ticket prices) (I only have the internet printoff ; which is how they were given to me) I would give em up for $150 for the pair .. If anyone interested hit me up.
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    NC-17 Drum'n'Bass Arena - Nov 4th !!!!!!!!!!

    Drum & Bass Arena :: Established 1996 First EZP beats out Marcus and Mystical for DJ of the year at Toronto DNB Awards .. Then they are the first Canadians to play Renegade Hardware .. And now playing live studio set at DNB Arena .. That's what's called making it! :D Tune in peeps!
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    People Under the Stairs

    Pretty damn good. I think they're in town this month .. but you didnt read it on this board. :O Cheers all.