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    Job stuff - cover letters, resumes?

    I remember a little while ago, someone posted about working on a cover letter, and someone else offered help. I usually just go online and look for ideas, but I'm applying for a job right now with a company that I actually would REALLY like to work for, so I'm thinking that any additional advice...
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    WTB: food processor

    i am looking for a food processor! doesn't have to be a super fancy one. maybe you have one you never use? pm me or email sbrimson@yorku.ca
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    Anyone want clothes from this site (Alloy)?

    hi girls i ordered jeans from this place, and it is past the time when I am able to get a refund. So I have to exchange for something, but I can't find anything I like. I have $58.40 (US) *credit* so if any of you see something you like and want to buy, let me know and we can arrange it...
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    FS: 2 tickets for rancid show tonight - december 11th

    two tickets for sale for rancid show tonight, december 11th. paid 30$ each, will sell for 20$ each! email sarab_21@hotmail.com can drop off downtown or in west end. or you can pick up in etobicoke.
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    ~*Happy (27th!) Birthday MBOY!!!*~

    Happy Birthday Duncan! Chances are you won't even see this thread today - but I wanted to give everyone a chance to give you birthday wishes :) You are a kind, generous, fun and loving partner and I'm lucky to have you in my life! All the best in the year(s) to come :) <3 <3 <3
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    apothecary - jk47, phat conductor/dave dub, myagi, adam duke

    I would like to hit this up before/after drury at beba. Would like to see set times to enable my not missing phat conductor :D
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    wow. i am soo satisfied of course they could never play ALLL the songs i love, but what they did play was awesome! the decline live was one of my top musical experiences i danced and sweated soo much the one negative thing, that i had forgotten about, was the dripping kool haus ceiling...
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    LF: nofx tickets

    i didn't know about it until last week and they were already sold out!
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    the squirrel that lives on my *balcony* had babies

    Awhile ago i noticed that a squirrel had built a nest on my "balcony". I was away for a few days, and when I came back today we noticed that there are 3 squirrel babies now! they are very cute.
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    just ordered tickets!!!!! YAYYYYYYY i am getting SO excited for our BC trip! who else is going???
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    What Remains of Us?

    Went to see this last night. Has anyone else seen it? It was very good, but very sad. Not as hopeful as I was expecting. In fact, not hopeful at all. There were a few points I disagreed with, but it was very powerful and excellent overall.
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    Bad Religion

    tonight! i'm pretty excited...although today is a sad one for the world, at least i get to hear some good punk tonight :)
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    **~ <3 happy HAPPY BIRTHDAY MBOY <3 ~ *

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY DUNCAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope you have an amazing day tomorrow, I wish I could be there to celebrate with you :) Thank you so much for everything you have done for me, you are an incredibly special and amazing person and you deserve only the best :) :) :) I wish you...
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    Earth Day Tomorrow (April 22nd)

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    Six Feet Under????

    ok i don't know if there is a thread about this already???!?!?!? but who watches this show....????? oh shit i think i remember a thread about the new season starting....oh well... too bad :p i am drunk...
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    i got engaged today!

    just wanted to let everyone in on my elatedness! :D :D :D Sarah
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    God's Debris

    well...i just read this mind blowing book last night and today, after having a friend lend it to me..and i wanted to see if there was anyone i could discuss it with on this board as well as recommend to that anyone who enjoys having their beliefs challenged that they read it :) i'm not sure of...